[Music] Sharon Sonia – Bakuruba

Sharon Sonia Bakuruba Ebiraland
Sharon Sonia – Bakuruba

Sharon Sonia – Bakuruba is a song directed to ones haters, or should i say rumors peddlers, more like hypocrites. People that are not clean but always seeing other people’s fault.

This song is a soul touching one. listen and download below. don’t forget to share and drop your comments. thanks for visiting Ebiraland Media. Song Produced By Tizz Beats.

Download Sharon Sonia’s Latest Song titled Bakuruba below.

Download Sharon Sonia Bakuruba mp3

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Top 10 Ebira Celebrities That Made It Big in 2019.

Yunique Ozi Oris Car6

Are you looking for the richest Ebira Musicians or Celebrities in General? The list below will show you everything you need to know. 2019 is a year of breakthrough in Ebira Entertainment industry (for some Ebira Celebrities though).

Quick List of Ebira Celebrities That Made It in 2019.

  1. Yunique (Ozi Ori)
  2. Sharon Sonia
  3. Dan Ozizi
  4. Ajagu
  5. Hajj (Ciroma)
  6. Ayaz
  7. Calabash
  8. Sunshine
  9. Don Flash
  10. Onyieche Sister

Yunique (Ozi Ori) Net worth is NGN 6million naira

Yunique Ozi Ori is one of the newest millionaire in Ebiraland, the Agada Pim Pim crooner made it to limelight when he was endorsed by Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State with a Car worth 4 million naira and some cash since then Ebira Online Media in house source close to the musician has told us he sold the car to buy a more, way too lesser car to fit his lifestyle. Also the musician has since then been doing great for himself plus he has taken his time never to be broke again by investing the money in something better.

Sharon Sonia Net Worth is around NGN 5Million naira

Sharon Sonia is the number 1 Ebira Female artist that has been great and consistent in the industry plus one of those artists that own up to 2 cars, Sharon Sonia the Enyene Anebira crooner got her first car herself, the second was from Governor Yahaya Bello and his cabinet. We expect more greatness from Sharon Sonia in the future.

Hajj (Ciroma) Net Worth is 5Million naira

Hajj Ciroma can be considered the greatest investor of all the Ebira Artists, a source disclose to Ebira Online Media that the Ebira Vocalist has nothing less than 3 Taxi and a bus that work for him. Also own a private car that look exactly Yunique’s. The musician has interest in the growing transportation business

Ajagu net worth is 3Million naira

Ajagu is Comedian, Actor and a musician, the Ebira Richest comedian that was endorsed by Khalifa Okene was reportedly endorsed by Yahaya Bello and his cabinet with a car worth 4 million naira.

Dan Ozizi net worth is 5Million naira

Dan Ozizi has the most popular song in the history of Ebira Music. The Ometere crooner was reportedly okay before he got a car and cash endorsement from Governor Yahaya Bello and his cabinet in 2019.

Calabash (Mr Mario) is 10million naira

The number 1 Ebira Movie Maker and marketer will be considered the 2nd richest Ebira Celebrity in 2019 taking after Edward Jatto. Has up to 20Million naira when his worth got estimated.

Don Flash is 2Million naira

Don Flash also known as the Akatapa made it big from his Album in 2019 as his album was reportedly lunched with 2.7 million naira he joined the league of Richest Ebira Celebrities in 2019 with his album listening.

Sunshine net worth is around 15million naira

Sunshine Boys Entertainment owner is considered the 3rd richest Ebira Celebrity in 2019 as he is one of the most influential Ebira Celebrity also has the most sold album in the industry among Ebira folks in diaspora most especially in Lagos Nigeria. His estimated to be worth 15million naira.

Edward Jatto net worth is 22million naira

Edward Jatto the Owner and the proud owner of Jatto FM is considered the Richest Ebira Celebrity in 2019 who knows someone might break his record in 2020, he is estimated to be worth 22Million naira in asset.

Ayaz Zoza

Ayaz Zoza is that Onyiekehi pikin much about him is not known but got a Car endorsement from Yahaya Bello’s cabinet.

Onyieche Sister

Onyieche Idris Okumatete Immediate sister stepped into the limelight after releasing her album titled the return of Onyieche in 2019 which is considered the most sold and talked about in 2019. The Ebira late Onyieche’s sister has made a niche for she, in the industry also reportedly got a car endorsement from Bello’s Cabinet.

Top 10 Richest Ebira Celebrities in 2019.

  1. Edward Jatto (Jatto FM) – Musician
  2. Juwa Omadivi
  3. Sunshine – Musician
  4. Mr Mario Calabash – Producer
  5. Hajj (Ciroma) – Musician
  6. Sharon Sonia- Musician
  7. Yunique – Musician
  8. Dan Ozizi
  9. Don Flash
  10. Ajagu

Note that this post is just for people to know what’s really going on in Ebira Entertainment industry and to show to Ebira Folks in diaspora that Ebira Artists too are trying even though the market is not too strong based on our population.

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Sharon Sonia Enyene Anebira Song Review by Binoosmart.

img 20190517 wa00021548998288

I have devoted most of my Blogging times to writing about Ebira Women and what’s like to date them, is it even enough at all? Well I strongly believe in making Ebira People great and that has been my number 1 priority from day 1.

Just as an average Ebira folk, when I heard about the new song by Sharon Sonia it was through the anticipation, the title alone got my attention, since Ebira Femcee is a one track phenomenon with the exception of Sharon Sonia and Big Mama Anavami though. No other Ebira Female musicians has been able to stay relevant over the years, but Sharon Sonia has proven her self worthy of the crown.

Shey you remember an article I wrote years back (2016) where I gave Sharon the title of the Most Influential Ebira Female Musician well I think she has upgraded from Ebira to been the Most Influential Female Artist in the North Central of Nigeria.

The song itself is an eye opener to how somethings people don’t even mind about Ebira Women. Sharon gives out an insight into how people should perceive Ebira Music in the society through her spoken words poet and tried her best to advertise some of Ebira Women that are real hustlers so check out my reviews below:

  1. Instrumental – Not a new one but reusing of instruments is allowed except the real owner don’t allow it. And it’s not professional advice able to reuse instrumentals.
  2. Production – Tight and the producer make sense “Grinland Production”.
  3. Lyrics – Gbayi, the lyrics no loose at all
  4. Flows – flows are tight but in some areas be like it falling out of keys.
  5. Everything combined is great this is the true definition of music we are taking about.

Scale of 10 I will give this song 7/10 the score is still distinction right?

What do you think guys let me know at the comment section below and rate the song based on how you perceive the song.

Click here to download if you already don’t have it.

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