Why A Strapped Baby Must Never Fall off Its Mother’s Back – Taboo in Ebiraland

If a strapped child fall from the mothers back!!! The child will have issues with opposite sex. And it’s a grave taboo in Ebiraland

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Sexuality, Family Values, and Gender Roles Among Ebira People.

Sexuality among Anebiras determines to a large extent the kind of roles that men or women play at home, social gatherings, choice of vocation until recently when barriers seem to be giving way to equality in every aspect of life.

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Story: The Flogging of Queen Nina (What Really Happened)

The Flogging Of Queen NINA
The Flogging Of Queen NINA

Flogging Of Queen Nina: As the world is fighting Corona Virus Pandemic, Ebira People in the other hand are busy with what I will describe as Political, Home Training and Girl Flogging Saga.

Elizabeth popularly known by her Facebook Name Queen Nina allegedly got beaten by Hon. Danga. Naso Dem tell me oh, Ehen. After a post made by Nina went viral on the Blue App (Facebook) where Nina Addressed Hon. Danga on how to be a good brother to his siblings. The part wey hit me pass na when Nina talk say “Charity Begins at Home”. The thing weak me

People Involved in my Story (Starring)

  1. Miss Elizabeth (Queen Nina)
  2. Hon. Abdulmumin Danga (Commissioner for Water Resources Kogi State)
  3. Ozi Anty (Ebira Comedian)
  4. Blessing Ahuoyiza Blizzcute (Facebook Sensation)
  5. Barr. Natasha Akpoti
  6. Danga Lesh (Hon. Danga’s Sister)
  7. And Others……

How Everything Started.

images 35859905510.
The Amebo Joint

This whole drama started in a salon in Lokoja I don’t mean to be rude but all hair dressers are Amebos, my Neighbor na case study. Once your matter entered any Women Hair Dressing Salon in Nigeria! You will even wish for death sentence the way girls will finish and cast you.
So, nah for the salon dem table Hon. Danga’s matter oh, and how he no dey take care of his siblings.

You know as a human being now! The issue no sit well for Nina Belle, so she decided to voice her opinion on Facebook by lecturing Hon. Danga on what to do and how to do it. But She was forgetting that

“Feel At Home No Mean Say Make You Go Dey Open Pot”.

Erigga Talk am

Just because Danga’s Sister told you things about her brother doesn’t mean she wants you to hurt him. (Blood is thicker than Water).

What Really Happened When Hon. Danga Saw The Post?

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
Danga was so surprise

According to what I heard oh, Danga doesn’t want to take any action because he thought she’s just one of those Facebook wailers that want to be popular by all means. But our Ebira Ranter talk say no oh, she needs to be dealt whit oh, even if dem no go do am anything make dem Di’japa Rio Iruvo (Bulala her Bum Bum).

When they got to Queen Nina’s house, according to report because I no dey there, Nina wanted to form Slay Queen but she was replied with a slap that can wake King Pharaohs Corpse, Nah (Anaks Nikit Hon. Danga’s Girlfriend Slap am).

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
This Kind Slap!!!!

That was how they were able to calm her calm.
Dem come tell the 3 years old son make him sit down for one side like this make them flog him Mama for him present, they Bulala Nina so teeeeey, all the Bum Bum were full of bruises them come say make them give am Jara for shoulder so that she go fit take pictures.

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
The Whipping no be here

The bruises you see for her shoulder na small thing oh, na her Bum Bum bad pass she can’t just take picture ni.
I even hear say na Ozi Anty the comedian Dey ginger the Flogging self, I no dey there nah hear I hear am.

After the whipping, they no satisfy, them record her nude come tell am to do an apology video to correct her recent post. If not, the nude video go hit the internet. As I was told.

The matter self don enter Natasha Akpoti hand, so she came online to address the issue. Come dey talk say this matter na court matter oh. Also stressed further that, Mr. Danga has without a doubt not only caused grave emotional trauma to Nina but has committed crimes of Battery, assaults and infringed upon her fundamental rights to dignity as provided for by chapter IV of the Nigerian constitution.

She no stop there, she come call on the good people of Kogi State and Nigeria at large especially women to seek justice for Elizabeth aka Queen Nina
(The English too Much for Me abeg)

E no end there oh, e be like say one girl like that named Blessing Ahuoyiza Blizzcute get issues with both the Local Comedian and Hon. Danga’s Girlfriend, she no keep quiet also she be like add comment under Natasha Akpoti’s post saying see screen Shorts below:

  1. Very Local Comedian.. Enesa will be forced to remove that his face mask by force
  2. Ehen Mama I forgot to tell you that one f them was eyeing me last December… plis include her name, I want just her front teeth to be removed (very wicked girl)
  3. Pls if others collect koboko2by2 plank should be used on that local comedian, he deserved to learn in a hard way… His Mumu don do. (Pako for that matter, Blessing you 1 kill person pikin?)
img 20200401 112119 802530809102
img 20200401 112324 4641541748462

According to blessing he blocked the comedian last year during the Senatorial election due to his Mumu level.

As for Hon. Danga’s siblings! they all came online to do a live video saying Elivabeth was not beaten, Slapped or stripped. could this be a form of blackmail coming from Barrister Natasha Akpoti to GYB team? ok i’m still observing da. see the live video from Siblings below.

Hon. Dangas Sister break Silence Don’t Forget to subscribe to our Channel on YouTube

Meanwhile people like Victor Justified, King Dreez (Da Phaze) Moe Hadi and many more others voiced out too but I can’t post everything here as the story is already getting boring.

As for me I still dey observe everyone’s post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram anytime I see anything suspicious I go post am here. My opinion is that everything is Political.

The Flogging of Nina
I just Dey Observ

I am doing well Oiiiiiiiiiin.

Make una drop una views below at the comment section before una go oh, don’t just be a Ghost reader.
You Are Doing Well As You Drop Your Comments. Oiiiiiiiiiin.

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Ebira Culture – Things Women Must Not Do in Ebiraland (Taboos in Ebiraland)

Ebira Fashion Beads Isuu
Photo Credits to: Ebira Beauty pageant.

Taboos In Ebiraland – Before i start mentioning things Ebira Women are not allowed to do in Ebiraland (Culturally) i will like to give the definition of Culture before some people get it twisted.

So What is Culture?

According to the Oxford University Dictionary, Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

Just the same way other tribes have their Cultures and traditions Ebira People are not left out, and in every Culture there must be do and don’t, as in set 9f rules they are all following.
In Ebiraland there are some certain things that the Culture frowned at, things women are restricted from doing…

List of Things Women Must Not Do in Ebiraland – Taboos In Ebiraland.

  1. Women are restricted from Seeing Masquerades (Eku) – There is an exception for Onokus.
  2. Pregnant women must not take money from their husband pocket – Its believed the child after birth must steal.
  3. Pregnant Woman must not have sex with another man – The man that sleeps with pregnant woman that is not his wife, will forever live in poverty.
  4. No woman must have sex during her menstrual period.
  5. Any female child that fell from her Mum back will encounter husband’s death 7 times before it stopped.
  6. No pregnant woman should walk during the mid day or midnight to avoid given birth to Enebe or Ozi Emasu. (Destined to die prematurely child)

We have lots of taboo women must not attempt but i will stop at this juncture.

Also Read: The Ebira Concept Of Ozi-Emasu And Enebe.

Who are Onokus in Ebiraland?

Onoku in Ebiraland is a topic for another day, but i will just scratch the surface for us to know something about it.
Onokus are special type of women in Ebiraland (Please don’t get me wrong all women are wonderful and unique in various ways) initiated in some sort of cult which gives them more hands and say in Ebira Traditions than ordinary women. Onokus are born with the gift, women that are not Onokus from birth can’t be initiated.
Please just keep on visiting this blog till i publish the article on Onoku but before then please enjoy yourself with our numerous articles.

Drop your views and opinions in the comment section below and share with others, thanks for reading.

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Full Details of Ebira Women Fashion Beads. Omoh, Isuu, and Ovene. (See Photos)

Beads are small round object with a hole to allow it to be threaded on a cord or wire. They are lots of traditional beads which are worn for beautification and adornment, these beads comes in different sizes and shapes.

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Ebira Traditional Beliefs about Witches (Opochi) – The Women of the Calabash (Ipa).

To all the psychology and sociology students raising questions about witches (known as Opochi in Ebira Language), scientist will tell you seen is believing and that the women of the night is just some lame stories to scared the children but it’s not. The Opochis really exist and they will continue to as far as the life goes on.

The study of witchcraft, both as it exists in contemporary cultures and as it has existed in the Western community at different periods in the past, raises a number of interesting questions for the student of psychology and sociology. If witchcraft is not a genuine phenomenon, why is the witch fantasy so prevalent in so many different cultures throughout the world?

When I wrote two very similar articles to this Opochi story I am about to unveil to you, some groups in Ebiraland invited me to their gathering for questioning and how I know so much about supernatural forces and to know if I really know what I am making public. Though I cleared their doubt and told them I will be writing more articles in the future to make people know Ebira People too are not going to sit back and let the good tradition and culture go into exile.

So I did my homework again and I reach a very good conclusion about the traditional beliefs of Anebiras, regarding the women of the night. So read all the facts below…

Opochi (Witch) is nothing more than a supernatural phenomenon inherent in nature which, when tapped into by humans or manifest itself in humans, can be used to achieve either a good or bad end depending on the motive and character of the possessor. This energy manifest itself mostly in women than men because 95 percent of those who possess this energy are women while the remaining five percent are men.

witch Opochi


It is clear then that in Ebiraland, witchcraft is a feminine art and has its power from God the lord of all.

This power is generally attributed to older women, but young women or even girls can sometimes be involved. According to some informants, witchcraft power is a kind of immaterial substance which may be kept in a calabash (Ipa) or Pot (Unoko) hidden in a hole in the wall of the witch’s house, or in a hollow tree. The power itself may be lodged in the roots of a tree or even in a young child (age 1 to 8 years).

In the latter case the witchcraft power will not harm the child but, on the contrary, will protect the child from other witches as the child is serving one of them as a refuge. The red tail-feather of the parrot (Parrot is Aja in Ebira Language) is used as a sign of witchcraft power, and may be placed in the calabash, pot or in the tree containing the witchcraft power. (I have been unable to find out the origin of this use of the red feather or why it should come to have this association with the witch.)

Other informants regard the power as a more concrete substance which is present in the woman’s abdomen. As one man said: “I have seen two women vomit it out. It was like a stone or a hard ball of something. Witchcraft seems generally to be held as a desirable skill because of the great power it provides; however, there is also the idea that the spirit of the witch after death becomes a restless and disconsolate ghost who wanders about the world in a distraught state.

Also Read The Ebira Concept Of Ozi-Emasu And Enebe.

The power is usually passed from mother to daughter, but it may also be bestowed as a gift, or may be purchased. When passed from one person to the other it is often given mixed with certain foods. It is sometimes held that a woman cannot die possessing witchcraft power but must pass it on to someone before her death; in fact, she will not be able to die unless she does so.

Perhaps some actual comments by Ebira informants would help clarify these aspects. “Witchcraft power is like a breeze, you can’t see it but it has effect. A woman can’t die possessing it-when she dies, she vomits out the invisible witchcraft and it passes to her daughter.”

“A woman can buy witchcraft power or may, as well, inherit it from another person. This mostly depends on the interest or love the witchcraft woman has in the person that is going to possess it. Some people when they suffer too much, seek for this power. In this case she has to buy it. But it is very necessary, and matter of must, to give this witchcraft power to somebody before she should die. In this case, if she could not get anybody either to buy it or to give it out as a gift to her friend outside, or to have a daughter she loved that can inherit it, she has to take it to an Iroko tree that is very young. This will become a spirit in the tree. Other witches will be coming to this tree to have their meetings. It is such trees that herbalists carry their sacrifices to in case they have a patient that is seriously sick.”

“Through many informants I believe that a woman may buy, inherit or be presented with this power. This is not given directly. It can be given through foods such as baked beans (Akara), Kola, Porridge, water Yam (Evina) and many other native foods. When this is taken the power will start to grow, until when the person will start to fly in the night.”


Witches are considered to have great power-“They are the rulers of the world, they get their power from God who gave them permission to kill. They have no mercy. They can do anything.” They are said sometimes to have favourites whom they protect and make wealthy but these positive aspects are not emphasized-they are mostly spoken of in connection with their malevolence. The Ebira word for witch is Opochi. Word Opochi is avoided as much as possible or at least spoken in a whisper (for fear of attracting the witch’s attention or offending her).

One of the commonest fantasies about the powers of the witch is that she can transform her “heart-soul” (Ayi) into a bird or animal. This occurs at night and her physical body remains in a deep sleep while her transformed heart-soul moves abroad. A woman who sleeps on her back with her mouth open and arms outstretched is probably a witch. She cannot be awakened while her heart-soul is abroad and if someone captures the bird or animal into which her soul has been transformed she will not be able to wake up; if the creature is killed the witch will die.


Most witches transform themselves into night birds of some type… these have been variously described to me as “a white bird with a long red beak and red claws” or “a brown bird like a bush fowl with a long red beak” Alternatively they may transform themselves into owls, cats, rats or bats, the common feature being that these creatures are all active by night, for it is believed that witchcraft is a nocturnal thing, the witches being most active between 12 and 3 a.m. in the realms of dream and nightmare. If the witch’s activities are brought into the light of day, they lose their potency, e.g., by confession. It is believed that the witch bird perches by night in a tree close to the victim’s house. An owl perched in a tree near a man’s house will cause considerable alarm to the householder.

The actual manner in which the witch bird damages her victim is obscure but I have been told that it pecks its victim’s head or neck and sucks out his blood.

Witches are considered to take part in some obscure nocturnal orgies (Ebe) for which one member of the witch party must supply a human child.

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Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

And so many Ebira Men are online looking for wife materials on Facebook and twitter, though it doesn’t matter where you meet the partner of your dream, but at the same time it matters these days so many spoiled eggs has tarnished the image of good ones.
I will never advice any man to choose a wife on social networks, most especially on Facebook Groups.

Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

So let’s get down to the list of Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

1. Food Stuffs Shop or Market: You will likely see ladies who are well groomed in kitchen affairs in the food market especially in the section where great experience is needed in deciphering good food items from bad ones and off-course a lady who understands how to stock the kitchen will have a good idea of how to make good meals and the way to a man’s heart still remains through his stomach. #Believe

2. Islamia or Bible Studies: The truth is that any lady can go to church on Sundays or to Jumat service on Fridays but it takes a lady who is really close to GOD or have the love for GOD to go to Islamia every evening or to Bible Studies gathering during the week when she can as well be at home watching Zee World or Telemudo and a lady who loves GOD will surely love her family.

Also Read: Why Irehu Iruvo is So Important in Ebira Home (Marriage)?

3. Bore Holes and Water Points: You will agree with me that ladies that took it upon there self, to fetch water for the family needs is a typical Ebira Wife Material.

4. Her Mother or Family Shop: A lady that can be patient enough to wait in her Mums shop to sell and to grow the business will definitely know how to manage a husband and give advice when it comes to funds management in the family.

5. Her Own Working Place: Definitely ladies who have groomed themselves to be financially independent and busy doing one thing or the other rather than jumping from one place to another with different guys are likely suitable as wife materials.

6. Clothe Weaving Boot (Iruvo Oguntoro): Believe this brothers if a lady can help the mother patiently to weave clothe? Such woman can and will most likely be patient with her hubby through trying times lol!

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Conclusively: Again I will say; it doesn’t matter where you meet the lady of your dream what matters is the lady behaviour and most of the times seeking your mother’s or family member help to find the best woman for you in your neighbourhood, if you are finding it difficult to make out with women will be the best thing for you not to make mistake because marriage is not an easy thing..

Did you want to add to the list or just drop your own opinion please share below in the comment section and please share. Thanks. 

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Why Irehu Iruvo is So Important in Ebira Home (Marriage)? – by Onize

Irehu Iruvo

Irehu Iruvo literally meaning stool and bum bum. It is a woodwork used for sitting in Ebira homes which signifies its importance, Irehu Iruvo is made from wood and carved by wood sculptors. The stool signifies authority.

Irehu Iruvo is used for sitting at home, sometimes for the purpose for doing domestic chores and many other purposes.

The Irehu Iruvo is an artefact, It has different functions and has been used in many occasions especially marriages. In marriages in Ebira land It is part of the obligatory rite.
Marriage in Ebiraland is seen as a sacred act with lots of rites and obligations, one of which is the taking of stool by the bride to her matrimonial home.

The stool is brought as a gift by the bride’s mother as a gift to the bride, she is meant to sit on the stool facing her husband during the traditional marriage after then it is obligatory for her to take the stool to her matrimonial home.

Why is Irehu Iruvo so important

It is important because the stool signifies that the bride has a sitting position in husband ‘s house , she is the overseer of her new home, that is she has come to stay and she is not going back to her father ‘s house. The Irehu Iruvo in Ebira Marriage language means Ma va yatu, which means I have come to stay. It is important because it means stability and long lasting of the marriage.

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This is an ancient practice that cannot be abandon even after many revolution, It is still widely practice till today and doesn’t look like, it will disappear soon.

Written by: Hamid Latifat Onize

History and International studies

Federal University Lokoja

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The Mysterious History of Irehu Iruvo

irehu iruvo2076907586.

The Mystery Of Irehu Iruvo (Ebira Traditional Sitting Stool)

Anidayi Anebira! Etemeya nini? My name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza aka Binoosmart. In this article I will explain to you the mystery everyone tend to not understand about the popular Irehu Iruvo of the Ebiras. I did my research and I can gladly say that you will understand everything I will explain in this article.

Disclaimer: Please I am no English Student and I am not from New York, (I’m from Inoziomi in Adavi local Government Area of Kogi State). So don’t expect big grammars from me I will keep the article simple and if you see any grammatical error in this article please correct it for yourself.

What’s Irehu Iruvo?

Irehu Iruvo is an Ebira People’s traditional sitting stool, mostly popular among women. Some concluded that the ones with cowrie tied around it, in a true sense is no ordinary stool again, it has been fortified, while said the cowrie is a sign of wealth and blessings.

It’s said that if a woman in her matrimonial home cannot conceive male child or maybe she’s a barren. If such woman consult the Oracle (Eva) and most times the number one ingredient the herbalists ask for is Irehu Iruvo and it must be bought for the woman by her husband.

In addition, in the olden days the man that marry more than one wife is considered a real man so for this fact monogamous relationship was rampant, some because of farm work while some men do this because they have the money and strength to take care of the wives and children. But there is a down side to this. Everything in life has pros and cons.
The down side is that such households are battlefields, for the wives and the step children. So as a soldier that is going to war you have to get ready and prepare for what to come, for this reason alone Irehu Iruvo needs to be fortified so that no one will be able to chase her away from her home (not the Ova nor can it be her Ohini). Hmmm this one is loud (Ireyi Tura).

Irehu Iruvo is often a gift given to newly married woman by her mother mostly grandmother’s or the husband as a symbol of love from the husband to signify that for better for worse they will forever be happily married and that she will bare him children in good health. And from the mother or grandmother it signifies permanent sit with the cowrie (Uto) signifying wealth. Uto is olden days money. Remember?

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Yes! This still happen in Ebiraland today where you see women fighting with their husband over Irehu Iruvo, most especially when the other wives have gotten theirs and they haven’t, they fight to get it from their hubbies because they believe it’s their right.

Conclusively, you may or may not concur with everything above what I really want to point out is that it doesn’t really matter what I have proved in this article some people still see Irehu Iruvo as Isohiku (Forefathers thing) while some look at it as a normal sitting stool. It’s one of those things that last most in a house. Children will meet it in this world and leave it this world. E dey last!!!!!!.

Please drop your comments below and share with your friends and families all around facebook and Whatsapp or any social network. Please if you are copying this article please do credit www.ebiraonline.com please consider the stress I passed through at the cause of writing it.

Thanks for reading my article, I’m still Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart) this is going to be all for now. Please for your contributions, promotions, donation, addition and corrections will be highly appreciated, don’t hesitate to contact me through:

Whatsapp, phone calls or SMS : +2348168374589 or +2347033004080
Email: ebiraonline@gmail.com

Adijo nini. (Good Bye for now)

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