50 Ebira Words and Meaning (Ebira Dictionary) Vol.1

Ebira Dictionary And Ebira Words Traslated To English.

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Name of Months and Days of the Week in Ebira Language

In this article you will learn the name of Months in Ebira Language, not only that oh you will also learn the days of the week all in Ebira Language and the direct meaning (what they stand for in English Language).

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Alphabets in Ebira Language (With Ebira Word Examples)

Alphabets in Ebira Language

A, B, CH, D, E, Ẹ, G, I, H, J, K, M, N, NGW, NYH, O, Ọ, P, R, S, Ṣ, T, U, V, W, Y, Z

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7 Ebira Proverbs, Translation And Meaning in English Language

Ebira Proverbs, Translation And Meaning

Below are lists of Ebira Proverbs With The Translation and Meaning in English Language


  1. PROVERB: Wajhochi tiza, Anayirema Ogodohuni.
    TRANSLATION: if you placed a stick on a shoulder, the rest backward is always longer.
    MEANING: whatever you are doing today, always remember tomorrow.
  2. PROVERB: Epe’emaghodo hwuoza’enechire.
    TRANSLATION: An okro stick cannot be taller than the person who plant it.
    MEANING: No matter how much strong you can be, rich, connected,
    literate or perfect in everything, remember all those have source before you get there (often used for the disobedient ones).
  3. PROVERB: Aje’emapita zwhonyahwe.
    TRANSLATION: An egg can not tell the hen a story.
    MEANING: no matter how much you knows, calm down and learn to hear from elders and for them have see what you do not (commonly used for the desperate & curious ones).
  4. PROVERB: Azyineva emanini’uruku najhwo chianarara.
    TRANSLATION: two people cannot went to the forest and back home with bent sticks.MEANING: two wrongs can not make right.
  5. PROVERB: Watanigege hyorza, anavakauve kavewhuyo.
    TRANSLATION: if you pointed finger at some one, the other fingers towards you are more.MEANING: it indicates to learn how to do good & avoid suspicious because in everything, there is repercussions (frequently use d for those who mischief or been suspicious).
  6. PROVERB: wekwete’eruruvoza, ozairemawhu erawu.
    TRANSLATION: if you bent down watching someone bottom at the front, someone too at your back is watching yours.MEANING: if your assignment is always to get someone down or curious to knows their secrets and weak points just to get the result of their down fall, someone is doing you the same! It is reciprocal…
  7. PROVERB: Azyineva emanini’uruku najhwo chi
    TRANSLATION: two people cannot went
    to the forest and back home with bended sticks.MEANING: two wrongs can not make right.


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Written by: Amoto Ozioma Juliet.

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Useful Phrases in Ebira Language With English Translation

A collection of useful Phrases in Ebira Language compiled by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza. If you can provide recordings of this phraces please feel free to contact me on whatsapp with this number +2347033004080

Phrases In Ebira Language

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Ebira LanguageEnglish Language
Etemeya? How are you?
Ma Yin Oisi Awu I love you
Avu dahi?Hope you are fine?
Onyi Awu yo?What about your mother?
Ada awu yo? What about your father?
Anyari Ekuhi EtaLong time no see
Ireha awu ri?What is your name?
Ma dahiI am fine
Ekura amiMy town
Irenu AmiMy Mouth
Onyi AmiMy Mother
Ma ku Ohomorihi AvoI thank God
Ve VarisaCome and Eat
MeiyeI don’t know
Oya Osoni vi?How much is this?
Ireka awu osi ruruYour Noise is too much
MaveI am coming
Je zimiWait for me
VaveCome back
Eiyi Awu AturamiI am missing you
Navomi heLeave me alone

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