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Saudy: My Ebira Love At First Sight (Tale of A Cab Driver)

So will you like it if i narrate to you how i met a girl named Saudat Umar? Yes i posted out her full name because she vex meeeeeee! 😏 So! The first day i met Saudy (Saudat) was one sarturday morning at a friend's Wedding, in Garki Abuja. Saw...
Ebira Story

Ebira Story: Ozi Emasu

Ebira Story Ozi Emasu When she was old enough to speak, “Onyi Ami ma nehi (Mummy I Want to go home” was her first sentence.She was always falling sick. If it wasn’t Ovangoro (Fever) it’ll be Ineva (diarrhea). If it wasn’t an Ine (Stomach) it’ll be her Iresu (head). There...