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Saudy: My Ebira Love At First Sight (Tale of A Cab Driver)

So will you like it if i narrate to you how i met a girl named Saudat Umar? Yes i posted out her full name because she vex meeeeeee! 😏

So! The first day i met Saudy (Saudat) was one sarturday morning at a friend’s Wedding, in Garki Abuja. Saw this pretty lady walking majestically with gorgeous look, i didn’t know when i sounded like davido (Chiiiiiiiiiiii! Osheeeey Baddest) i wanted to just stand up from where i was seated, walk up to her and just smell her perfume. She be like fine wine.

When the wedding was going to an end (because it was a christian wedding) the pastor said prayers for we the singles;

Pastor said before the end of 2020, we will meet our spouses.
Guess whose amen was the loudest? (Saudy) i was looking at her with corner eye.
The Pastor ended the prayer after so much anointing.

The wedding ended. I felt renewed as I stood outside the wedding hall, patiently waiting for this angel to walk by and shoot my shot. I spent almost 10 minutes waiting, this girl no come out oh. (Abi na she one go prepare the couple’s bed for the first night ni? 🙄)

A friend hurriedly rushed to me to tell me the angel i am waiting for at the exit is already at the road site waiting for taxi (my eyes turn red instantly) about three commercial buses passed by her but they all refused to let her in when she showed them a N1000 note which was the only denomination she had.

Fortunate enough for me we came to the event with a Cab, 😁😁 Are you Rinking what am Rinking? 😋

Finally, i appeared overtaking like to cabs, voooooom! With my empty cab. I agreed to give her a lift at no cost when she presented the N1000 note she had. She entered the cab and conversation started.

Me: How the wedding been dey?” I asked.
saudy: Fine.
Me: So wetin be your name?”

She: Sigh

She was thinking in her mind and i was hearing it loudly, (I’m like that so don’t judge me)

Saudy in Her Mind: Nothing I dread most than cab drivers and okada riders that find it difficult to just shut up and drive. But I will act polite to show my gratitude for his free ride. Good thing I will get rid of him fast as there is no traffic. I estimate a ten minutes drive at most.

“I’m Speedy.” She said.
That was the first name that came to her mind when she sighted an empty packet of speedy biscuit. You can’t blame her, to her i had no business knowing her real name.

Me: “Speedy? Which kind name be dat? Na AKA abi your real name?” I asked.
Saudy: Real name.
Me: You fine well well. I go like make we become friends.
She: Thanks.
After all my talking she didn’t say anything again (which kind girl be this one now?)

When we got to the nearest bus stop at her house, I gripped her palm and demanded for her phone number.

“But I don’t know you. I don’t give out my number like that to strangers” she said to me
“Na why I dey ask for your number so I go know you. I wan make we become close friends. You sef no even ask me my name.”
She pretended not to hear me.
As she made to alight from the vehicle, i pulled her back and angrily said, “Digestive abi wetin you call yourself wey my N150?”

Her surprise at the new turn of events had her speaking pidgin this time.
“Oga but you talk sey you go carry me for free.” .
“Oh, so you don enjoy my motor but to give me your number dey hard you.”
She took out the N1000 and flung it at me.
I ransacked my pockets for change. When I couldn’t come up with her balance, I went out of the car, looked around for what could benefit me i didn’t see anything so i bought N150 worth of shabba leather (Nylon) from a roadside hawker and shoved her balance into her palm.

“Yeye girl! You think say na only you sabi osho free. Fine you no even fine.” see her Nyash like Obangede road bumps.

Abeg na joke i dey oh….

Abeg make una help me wish the stubborn girl a sounding happy birthday, Inya!!! Happy birthday more of it in good health long life and prosperity…. Hooray!!!!!!!

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Ebira Story: Ozi Emasu

Ebira Story: Ozi Emasu
Ebira Story Ozi Emasu

When she was old enough to speak, “Onyi Ami ma nehi (Mummy I Want to go home” was her first sentence.
She was always falling sick. If it wasn’t Ovangoro (Fever) it’ll be Ineva (diarrhea). If it wasn’t an Ine (Stomach) it’ll be her Iresu (head). There was always something wrong with her and she was always saying “Onyi Ami Ma Nehi”.

It makes me sad all the time, why cant she make me happy for once, this is not what i wished for while i was pregnant! this is never what i signed on for with my creator! It scared me for a while why she would keep on repeating the something over and over again until I figured it out.

I used to work long hour and she goes to a private nursery school at Inoziomi, It breaks my heart to leave a sick child in the hand of strangers in the name of education, but what can i do? i must work to provide for us, I’m a single mother that can’t afford a house-help.

As i turned up at her school gate to pick her up, she’s bounding out with her little backpack strapped at her back, and she was shouting “Onyi Ami Ma Nehi (Mummy I want to go home), It was as if she has been waiting forever to get out of there.

she was six years old when she fell sick again and had to be admitted to General Hospital Okene. All the doctor tests proved inconclusive.

As I kept vigil at her bedside she would drift in and out of consciousness muttering “ mummy I want to go home”. With tears streaming down my face I would re-assure her that as soon as she was well enough I would take her home.
One night I woke to her gasping for air. As I cradled her in my arms I summoned the duty nurse who came running. She took one look at her and dashed off to find a doctor.

When the doctor came he did all the usual checks: took her pulse, listened to her heart beat and flicked open her eyelids.

By the time he got up from the side of her bed the look on his face said it all.
He pulled me away, to the ward’s side office, and gave me the news I was dreading.
She was sinking fast and there was nothing he could do. Hopelessness was written all over him.

How long has she got, I asked.
He shrugged his shoulders: he didn’t know.
It was too late to call anybody so I rushed back to her side with the doctor in tow.

Her breathing was becoming shallower and laborious and all the equipment she was hooked up to were beeping away in a language of their own. With tears streaming down my face in torrents I turned to the doctor for an interpretation.

He didn’t say anything. He shook his head slowly, put his hand on my shoulder, as if to re-assure me, smiled weakly and walked away.
She looked so peaceful and serene as she lay there: you wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her.

She must have heard me sobbing for she opened her eyes and what could be described as a smile crossed her face.
“ Onyiami…”, she began, struggling to get each word out,”…Mesuhu Anehi” (I am on my way home…

She closed her eyes and was gone.

No parent deserve the death of their child, May God be with everyone that has lost someone…

Please Share and Drop Your Comments.

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Why The Dog Lives Among Men – Ebira Folktales

Will you like to know, Why The Dog Lives Among Men? long time ago, the dog used to live in the Forest like the Fox, Hare and the Hyena. Something happened that made it run away and live with Man. There was a terrible famine in the land so great that the animals decided to eat their parents in turn. This idea was not acceptable to the dog whose only surviving parent was his mother he loved so much and he could not voice his reservations.

Why The Dog Lives Among Men, Ebira Folk Tales
Why The Dog Lives Among Men

He could not imagine her death not let alone of him being the cause of her death. The turn of the Lion came for him to present his father and mother, with pain he offered them and the whole animals ate them even though not sufficient but it provided them something in their stomach for the day. Soon it was time for the Elephant, Tiger, Fox ,Hippopotamus , Leopard ,Hare, Tortoise etc.

All the while the dog was not happy, he was alive solely for his mother. An idea occurred to him. He quickly grabbed it and decided to act along. Few days to his turn, he told the entire kingdom that his mum was sick with chicken pox, all the animals stayed away from her because of the fear of being infected. Two days later he announced her death, The animals mourned with him and told him to go ahead and bury her.

The Dog took his mother high up a mountain and would everyday communicate with her. Each time he is to see the mother she would throw down a rope for him to climb and meet her up there. This continued for a while before the fox noticed that the dog was always absent at a particular time of the day and would reappear at the same time.

He began to observe him and when he was very sure, he decided to follow him. He could not believe what he saw, so the dog lied to deceive all and keep his mother while he ate that of others. He quickly ran back and informed the others. They were all angry and decided to deal with the dog.

They all marched to the place while they were some miles to the place, Mother Dog looked from the mountain and saw the other animals coming with anger towards them. It dawned on them that their secret has been discovered and imminent death awaits the two of them.They quickly came down and ran away  from the forest and barely made it outside the forest. They knew they could never return to the forest so they decided to live with man. That is how dogs have ever lived with man.

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Why The Cat Lives Among Men – Ebira Folktales

Ebira Folktales about Cat
Ebira Folktales

Ebira Folktales: Many years ago, the cat lived with other animals and birds in the bush. They lived together in their own community like human beings. They had their own kings, planted their own food, took offenders to their king’s palace for trial, and helped one another in doing their work.
The ostrich was the king of the birds.

All the other birds assembled before the king in his palace. During one planting season, ‘Inomi Oba’, the king of the birds called all the birds to his palace. He told them to help him clear his farmland. The king wanted to plant maize and beans in his farm. All the birds, big and small, happily agreed to work on the king’s farmland. They fixed the next day to do the work.

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Early the next morning, the sound of the gong woke up the birds. It was the parrot, the town crier, beating the gong. He called them to the king’s palace, from where they will go to the king’s farm. The peacock, fowl, owl, parrot, hawk, vulture, and other big birds were present. Present also was the little sparrow called, ‘Kinkin’ with his cutlass ready to work on the farm. The king was happy to see the large number of birds that came out to work on his farm.

“Thank you very much my people,” said the king. He suddenly noticed the presence of the little sparrow. He was the tiniest bird that came. He pointed at him and said, “What can you this tiny bird do on the farm? You even carry a cutlass.” He said jokingly to Unechi. “Go back to your house, for today. I will send for you when I have the work small birds like you can do” the king added. The other birds laughed when they heard what the king said about the size of Unechi.

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Unechi was not happy that the king did not allow him to follow the other birds to work on his farm. “He thinks I am too small to do any useful work on his farm. I have been disgraced in front of all the people.” The sparrow said to himself returning home unhappy. He thought of what he could do to show the king and other birds that it was wrong to use the size of a person to judge what he is capable of doing. “I may be small but they forgot that I am older than many of them. What can they do that I can’t do? I will show them that every person in this community is important” he boasted.

Unechi had a magical power that could cause weeds to grow immediately through a song. Nobody knew he had this power. After the other birds had finished working on the king’s farm, they went to tell the king to come and see for himself. While they were away, Unechi came and sang his magical song.

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The Unechi Song.

The king called all birds;
The big and small he called;
To clear his farmland;
I was sent back home because of my size;
I command the weeds to overgrow the farmland;
And grow into thick bush.

The weed grew immediately into a thick bush. When Inomi Oba got to the farm, he was very angry and thought the other birds had deceived him. The fowl begged him to allow them to clear it again, after explaining to him that they were all surprised to see the farmland grown again. The king then put the hawk in charge to watch over the farmland. Unechi came and sang the song again when they had all left. The magical song made the hawk to dance away. He then ran to tell the king that “the ghost came again, and your farm is overgrown with weeds”, but was unable to say how it happened. 

The fowl told the king, “The cat could do it. He is brave, fast, and has sharp claws.”  The other birds chorused, “Yes, he could.” The king ordered that the cat be called. He then sent the cat to look over his farm after the other birds had cleared it again. Unechi came after they had all gone home but the cat hid itself and kept watch over the farm.

Unechi started his song but the cat was not charmed. He saw everything and jumped on Unechi. Unechi begged the cat to let him go but the cat refused. The cat was hungry and killed Unechi.

So that all animals can live in harmony in the animal kingdom, an agreement has been made that any other specie of anymal that killed the other should be killed too, now the cat has killed one of birds.

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When the cat has finished the meat and went back to tell the king that it was Unechi that had been causing him trouble. When the king asked for Unechi, he said he had killed him. The king asked for the body but he could not show it either. The king got angry and the cat was smart to know that the king wanted to kill him too for not showing him respect through his action and for breaking the animal’s kingdom rules. This forced the cat to escape from the bush to the town, where he started living in the house among human beings..

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Story: The Flogging of Queen Nina (What Really Happened)

The Flogging Of Queen NINA
The Flogging Of Queen NINA

Flogging Of Queen Nina: As the world is fighting Corona Virus Pandemic, Ebira People in the other hand are busy with what I will describe as Political, Home Training and Girl Flogging Saga.

Elizabeth popularly known by her Facebook Name Queen Nina allegedly got beaten by Hon. Danga. Naso Dem tell me oh, Ehen. After a post made by Nina went viral on the Blue App (Facebook) where Nina Addressed Hon. Danga on how to be a good brother to his siblings. The part wey hit me pass na when Nina talk say “Charity Begins at Home”. The thing weak me

People Involved in my Story (Starring)

  1. Miss Elizabeth (Queen Nina)
  2. Hon. Abdulmumin Danga (Commissioner for Water Resources Kogi State)
  3. Ozi Anty (Ebira Comedian)
  4. Blessing Ahuoyiza Blizzcute (Facebook Sensation)
  5. Barr. Natasha Akpoti
  6. Danga Lesh (Hon. Danga’s Sister)
  7. And Others……

How Everything Started.

images 35859905510.
The Amebo Joint

This whole drama started in a salon in Lokoja I don’t mean to be rude but all hair dressers are Amebos, my Neighbor na case study. Once your matter entered any Women Hair Dressing Salon in Nigeria! You will even wish for death sentence the way girls will finish and cast you.
So, nah for the salon dem table Hon. Danga’s matter oh, and how he no dey take care of his siblings.

You know as a human being now! The issue no sit well for Nina Belle, so she decided to voice her opinion on Facebook by lecturing Hon. Danga on what to do and how to do it. But She was forgetting that

“Feel At Home No Mean Say Make You Go Dey Open Pot”.

Erigga Talk am

Just because Danga’s Sister told you things about her brother doesn’t mean she wants you to hurt him. (Blood is thicker than Water).

What Really Happened When Hon. Danga Saw The Post?

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
Danga was so surprise

According to what I heard oh, Danga doesn’t want to take any action because he thought she’s just one of those Facebook wailers that want to be popular by all means. But our Ebira Ranter talk say no oh, she needs to be dealt whit oh, even if dem no go do am anything make dem Di’japa Rio Iruvo (Bulala her Bum Bum).

When they got to Queen Nina’s house, according to report because I no dey there, Nina wanted to form Slay Queen but she was replied with a slap that can wake King Pharaohs Corpse, Nah (Anaks Nikit Hon. Danga’s Girlfriend Slap am).

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
This Kind Slap!!!!

That was how they were able to calm her calm.
Dem come tell the 3 years old son make him sit down for one side like this make them flog him Mama for him present, they Bulala Nina so teeeeey, all the Bum Bum were full of bruises them come say make them give am Jara for shoulder so that she go fit take pictures.

The Flogging Of Queen Nina
The Whipping no be here

The bruises you see for her shoulder na small thing oh, na her Bum Bum bad pass she can’t just take picture ni.
I even hear say na Ozi Anty the comedian Dey ginger the Flogging self, I no dey there nah hear I hear am.

After the whipping, they no satisfy, them record her nude come tell am to do an apology video to correct her recent post. If not, the nude video go hit the internet. As I was told.

The matter self don enter Natasha Akpoti hand, so she came online to address the issue. Come dey talk say this matter na court matter oh. Also stressed further that, Mr. Danga has without a doubt not only caused grave emotional trauma to Nina but has committed crimes of Battery, assaults and infringed upon her fundamental rights to dignity as provided for by chapter IV of the Nigerian constitution.

She no stop there, she come call on the good people of Kogi State and Nigeria at large especially women to seek justice for Elizabeth aka Queen Nina
(The English too Much for Me abeg)

E no end there oh, e be like say one girl like that named Blessing Ahuoyiza Blizzcute get issues with both the Local Comedian and Hon. Danga’s Girlfriend, she no keep quiet also she be like add comment under Natasha Akpoti’s post saying see screen Shorts below:

  1. Very Local Comedian.. Enesa will be forced to remove that his face mask by force
  2. Ehen Mama I forgot to tell you that one f them was eyeing me last December… plis include her name, I want just her front teeth to be removed (very wicked girl)
  3. Pls if others collect koboko2by2 plank should be used on that local comedian, he deserved to learn in a hard way… His Mumu don do. (Pako for that matter, Blessing you 1 kill person pikin?)
img 20200401 112119 802530809102
img 20200401 112324 4641541748462

According to blessing he blocked the comedian last year during the Senatorial election due to his Mumu level.

As for Hon. Danga’s siblings! they all came online to do a live video saying Elivabeth was not beaten, Slapped or stripped. could this be a form of blackmail coming from Barrister Natasha Akpoti to GYB team? ok i’m still observing da. see the live video from Siblings below.

Hon. Dangas Sister break Silence Don’t Forget to subscribe to our Channel on YouTube

Meanwhile people like Victor Justified, King Dreez (Da Phaze) Moe Hadi and many more others voiced out too but I can’t post everything here as the story is already getting boring.

As for me I still dey observe everyone’s post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram anytime I see anything suspicious I go post am here. My opinion is that everything is Political.

The Flogging of Nina
I just Dey Observ

I am doing well Oiiiiiiiiiin.

Make una drop una views below at the comment section before una go oh, don’t just be a Ghost reader.
You Are Doing Well As You Drop Your Comments. Oiiiiiiiiiin.

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#Itopa: The Fate of ‘Oremeyi’, The Proud Princess – Ebira Folktale

Ebira Folktale

Ebira Folktale – Long ago, in the kingdom of Oomi, there lived a king and a queen. They had a very beautiful daughter called Oremeyi whose beauty surpassed that of any other person. The princess was well loved and pampered that she eventually became proud. When Oremeyi attained adulthood her parents decided it was time for her to get married. Many suitors came to seek for her hand in marriage, but she refused them all. Princes, hunters, and warriors all hoped to win her heart with gifts but she never seemed to be satisfied with any of them. She rudely dismissed them from her father’s court whenever they came seeking for her hand. She always had one complaint or the other about them.

News of the beautiful but haughty princess had spread far and wide and more men came seeking for her hand. At this point, her parents had begun to despair as to whether she would ever get married since she seemed to reject and insult every man that approached her.

One day, an extremely handsome man came into the town and sought her hand in marriage. He was a well built and handsome man. No one could fault his looks and he came bearing numerous gifts for the princess and her family. Oremeyi was so caught up in the gait and carriage of the young man that she instantly became carried away, despite her parents reservations about not knowing him or anything about him, she refused to listen or heed to anyone’s advice and insisted on marrying the stranger.
After much persuasion, the king realized his hands were tied and that she had made up her mind on marrying the stranger, the marriage ceremony was conducted and typical of the kings’ fashion, everyone had plenty to eat and drink.

The new couple after receiving the royal blessings of their parents, prepared to leave for the home of the groom. As was the custom of Oomi land and especially since it was the princess involved, many maids and servants accompanied the couple bearing different goods that the princess was expected to setup home with.

The journey took them deep into the forests (Iruku) and they did not stop to rest for once. Anytime the princess asked when they would get to his home, he kept promising her soon. One by one, he dismissed the guards, servants and maids that accompanied the princess and she was left to bear the load they had hitherto carried or discard them if there was no one to carry it. Many of the items taken along suffered the same fate.

The princess saw it as strange that her husband never offered to help her carry any of these heavy things which she had to carry, but she sought excuses for him that perhaps males don’t bear loads in his village. As the last of the escorts was sent back, once more Oremeyi expressed concern over the endless journey and the need to send her helps back but he assured her of many more servants upon getting to his home.

At a point in their journey, the handsome couple had to cross a stream (Okuha) and upon crossing, the groom’s features began to change. Gradually he stopped looking human. His ears became longer and hairier; his eyes came closer together and looked very mean. His teeth began to protrude as they became sharper and longer.

The once handsome man became a hideous monster. Oremeyi upon noticing this transformation screamed and screamed but there was no one to hear her. Her once handsome husband was actually a monster. He had taken her deep into the forest where he resided. He pointed to a hole in a cave telling her that would be her home henceforth. He had heard of her pride and decided to assume a human form in other to teach her a lesson. Oremeyi the proud princess at this point then realized that her faith had been sealed and she was doomed to a life as the wife of a beast and a cave as a home.

She regretted all her actions of the past and prayed for a second chance, but it was too late for her, her pride had caused her, her freedom and luxurious life.

Note this is just Ebira folktale used to scare children back in the days so that they can seize been too proud. And I hope you eventually learn something from it please drop your comments below thanks…

Written By:
Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza

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Adeji Onire’oiye (Rabbit the Wise) – Ebira Folktale.

Photo Credits: Envato

One day, in the animal kingdom, the Adeji (Rabbit) felt he was the wisest of all the animals. He then decided to trap all the wisdoms in the world inside a gourd and take it up to the peak of the tallest Iroko tree. This, he believed, will deprive every other animal of having access to all these wisdom.

After he was satisfied with himself that he had trapped all the wisdom in the world in the gourd, he set to complete his mission of keeping it out of the reach of other animals. He intended to keep all these wisdom to himself and his generations yet unborn alone

On his way to accomplish his mission, he met the Agididoyin (shrewd Rodent), who greeted him, and asked him where he was going with his gourd. The Adeji (Rabbit) before responded to his greetings, trace and abusive word with him on why he smell so bad, he at the same time told him to always avoid him anytime he sees him. At last he responded to the greeting and told him he only wanted to use the gourd to get some water from the stream for his thirsty family. Suspecting nothing, Agididoyin bade him farewell and went his way. He met several other animals on his way. He exchanged greetings with them all and they all asked him what he was doing with the gourd and to all of them, he said that he wanted to use it to get water for his family back home.

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When he got to his destination, at the foot of the tallest Iroko tree, he thought of the best method to use in getting to the peak of the tree. Like a flash, the idea came to him! He decided to climb the tree with the gourd right in front of him so that if he kept it behind him, someone may not come to snatch it from him. However, he had a great difficulty climbing the tree this way. All his attempts to climb the tree were fruitless.

In the course of this too, several other animals saw him trying effortlessly to climb to the top of the Iroko tree, but they could all only wish him luck without being able to offer him any better idea. Then the Irepa (Snail), who had been in a corner observing the Adeji (Rabbit) in his fruitless effort, eventually walked up to the Adeji (Rabbit) and offered him an idea. The Irepa (Snail) suggested that he tied a rope to the gourd in front of him and see if it is easier to climb the tree that way. The advice proved to be a priceless one because the Adeji (Rabbit) found it very easy to climb the tree this way. When he got to the peak of the Iroko tree, he realized that he was actually not in possession of all the wisdom to climb the tree while ordinary Irepa (Snail), the slowest of all animals and probably the most negligible among the animals, was the one who gave him the wisdom with which he climbed the tree.

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He then concluded that no one could actually take all wisdom to himself because each individual has varying degrees of wisdom.

Characters in this Folktale:

  1. Adeji (The English is Rabbit)
  2. Agididoyin (Shrewd Rodent in English)
  3. Irepa (Snail)

Note That Folktales are just moonlight stories for impacting knowledge in the young ones back in the days, when there were no Schools or Cartoons. Through folktales most elders were able to get knowledge of life….

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Uka & Onaivo (The Great Wrestler and His Witch Sister) – Ebira Folktale.

Ebira Folktale

A long, long time ago, when the world was young, there lived a boy named Uka and his sister, Onaivo.
They were special children. Uka was a mighty wrestler whose back had never touched the ground. He was famous for this and went from city to city, travelling the world to challenge people to wrestling matches. His prowess was such that he went around the whole world and wrestled with all kinds of men, big and small, fat and thin, and Uka remained unbeaten.

Onaivo meanwhile, was a witch. A good one. She excelled at making herbal concoctions to cure everything from the common cold to a broken heart. Apart from her excellent gift of healing, Onaivo was also a shapeshifter, with the ability to morph into any kind of animal she wanted to. She often used these skills to protect her brother in his travels and wrestling matches.

One day, Uka took a tally and found out that he had wrestled and defeated every mortal worth battling on earth. He had even successfully wrestled great animals to the ground and won. What else was left, but to take his wrestling to the spirit realm? After all, he couldn’t be the greatest wrestler to ever exist if there remained someone better than him.

With this mindset, Uka packed his things and prepared for a journey to the spirit realm. Onaivo, his sister tried all she could to dissuade him from this fool’s errand. The spirit realm housed many terrible things, ancient gods and spirits both malevolent and benevolent.
Going there to challenge what existed to a wrestling match was a sure way to ensure a quick death for oneself.

But Uka had made up his mind, and would not be dissuaded. Finally, with a heavy heart, Onaivo gave him directions to a palm tree in the dark forest, whose trunk was connected to the spirit realm. It would serve as a bridge to take him to and fro. As Uka left the house whistling, Onaivo decided to follow him, to at least see what would befall her brother. So she morphed into a housefly and sat on his belongings, and together they left, but Uka was unaware of his sister’s presence.

Uka made it to the tree sometime after dark and climbed up the palm tree, quick as any monkey even as Onaivo sat on his luggage and observed, plotting what spells would come in handy to ensure her brother’s victory.

When he got to the spirit realm, Uka was quite tired so he put his load down, made a pillow of it and slept. Onaivo watched over him, still in the form of a housefly.
The next morning, when he woke up, he was surrounded by strange creatures. There was a man with one leg, from his middle. There was a chicken, as big as a house, with tusks staring at him. These were but two of the many creatures that had gathered to see this strange sight. A mortal man in the land of the spirits!

Uka wasted no time in declaring his intention. The spirits conferred among themselves and returned. The one-legged man-creature was their spokesperson. He told Uka to take his rest and eat. They would bring forth the best wrestlers of the spirit realm. If he was able to defeat them, all well and good. But if he was not, he would die and be eaten. Fearless Uka agreed with these terms and prepared himself for the greatest wrestling match of his entire life.

Shortly, seven creatures appeared. The first was in the form of a man. He was the weakest of the seven. The next was also in the form of a man, but he had two heads, four arms and four legs.
The third had three heads, with six arms and six legs, and on and on they went till the last and greatest of them all, who had seven heads, with fourteen arms and fourteen legs.

A circle was prepared for them, a very rough patch of land with shards and broken bottles everywhere.

Uka faced his first opponent and quickly threw him to the floor. The judge checked him, declared him dead and drew him out of the ring. And he faced his next opponent.

Uka wrestled all day and all night for three days, defeating and killing all his opponents before he was faced with his last and final challenger, the seven headed man-creature.
Quickly, they met in combat. The battle was long and intense, and the combatants fought non-stop for another three days until finally, Uka’s prodigious strength failed him and he was lifted high into the air.
GBAM! He was slammed to the earth and finally, Uka died.

The seven headed man-creature then left the circle, plucked some leaves and squeezed them dripping the juice on the lips of his fellow wrestlers. They came back to life. Then he issued instructions and they went about preparing ingredients for a feast, to be had that evening, with Uka as the main course. As soon as the spirits were distracted with their chores, Onaivo who had remained a housefly all this while and seen all that had happened, flew over to the discarded leaves. There she took on human form and gathering the leaves, hurried to where her brother’s corpse lay unmoving.
She squeezed and squeezed and managed to get only a few drops on Uka’s lips. But they were enough.
Uka sneezed and woke up, and Onaivo, grabbing her brother’s hand, made good their escape. They almost made it when a sharp eyed spirit being saw them and raised the alarm. Instantly, every spirit ran after them to catch them. Now they could have two for the feast!

Uka and Onaivo ran as hard as they could and got out of the land of the spirits to the top of the palm tree. They were hurrying down when a spirit lashed his whip as a last resort to capture the fleeing mortals, as the spirits could not at that time, travel the distance between both worlds. The whip cut straight across Uka’s back but failed to find a purchase and brother and sister slipped away successfully.

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The Legend of Japan’s Most Faithful Dog (Hachiko)

The legend of the dog known as Hachiko has become known not only in Japan, but across the world. The adorable Akita dog’s unwavering loyalty to his owner earned him the nickname, “Chuken Hachiko,” which means “faithful dog Hachiko.”

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