Jatto Fm Radio in Ebiraland
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How To Listen To Jatto FM 102.7 (Ebira Radio) Live Anywhere in the World

Jatto 102.7 FM is a contemporary Ebira urban and sub-urban radio station in the heart of Okene, Kogi state Central,
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Back then, Kogi Central Youths are seen as agent of destructions, thugs and also to gauge crisis. In Ebiraland today, we have promising youths who are talented taking our dear home to a view of better image. We can gladly be joyful as we have many in our midst young...
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List of Clans in Ebiraland and the Towns & Villages They Dominate (Iresu Et’ebira) – Part 1.

Enya Ohu Anebira Welcome to another piece of article from me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza). In this article I will list out clans in Ebiraland with the towns and villages they pre dominate, though this article will feature the sub clans (Abara) under each clan before their various locations. In the...