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Ebira Foods: 10 Ebira Foods and Their Ingredients

Ebira Foods are foods eaten by the Ebira People of Nigeria (Anebira) popularly eaten in Kogi State in Okene to be precise.

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Useful Phrases in Ebira Language With English Translation

A collection of useful Phrases in Ebira Language compiled by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza. If you can provide recordings of this phraces please feel free to contact me on whatsapp with this number +2347033004080

Phrases In Ebira Language

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Ebira LanguageEnglish Language
Etemeya? How are you?
Ma Yin Oisi Awu I love you
Avu dahi?Hope you are fine?
Onyi Awu yo?What about your mother?
Ada awu yo? What about your father?
Anyari Ekuhi EtaLong time no see
Ireha awu ri?What is your name?
Ma dahiI am fine
Ekura amiMy town
Irenu AmiMy Mouth
Onyi AmiMy Mother
Ma ku Ohomorihi AvoI thank God
Ve VarisaCome and Eat
MeiyeI don’t know
Oya Osoni vi?How much is this?
Ireka awu osi ruruYour Noise is too much
MaveI am coming
Je zimiWait for me
VaveCome back
Eiyi Awu AturamiI am missing you
Navomi heLeave me alone

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I will be updating this Ebira Phrases article regularly please always comeback for more thanks

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List of Clans in Ebiraland and the Towns & Villages They Dominate (Iresu Et’ebira) – Part 1.

List of Clans in Ebiraland
Enya Ohu Anebira

Welcome to another piece of article from me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza). In this article I will list out clans in Ebiraland with the towns and villages they pre dominate, though this article will feature the sub clans (Abara) under each clan before their various locations.

In the olden days it is said that people from the same clan can marry each other but once they are from the same sub clan that means they are strictly related, and so for that reason alone they are restricted from marrying each other. That is back in the days when the population is not much and when Islam has not dominated the land, Islam teaches us that even cousins can marry each other not to talk of sub clans (Abara).

List of Clans in Ebiraland with their Abara’s and the Towns & Villages they dominate in Ebiraland.

  • Idu Clan (Ozudu)
    Abara’s under Idu Clan – Aniku Bogiri, Ozi Eire.
    Towns and Villages – Adavi Odu, Kuroko, Inoziomi, Ihima, Okene, Evia Obehira, Okengwe, Ageva, Osara, Lokoja Barracks etc.
  • Ogu (Ozi Ogu)
    Abara’s under Ogu Clan – Okene, Egayin
    Towns and Villages – Okene, Ihima
  • Uka Clan (Ozuka) – Ajoko, Asema, Ootumi, Ezi Ehi, Ezi Ago.
    Towns & Villages – Ogaminana, Ihima
  • Ada Clan (Ozi Ada)
    Towns & Villages – Okene, Okengwe
  • Otu Clan (Ozi Otu)
    Towns & Villages – Nagazi ihima
  • Omoye Clan (Ozi Omoye) Okene
  • Opasi Clan (Ozi Opasi)
    Towns & Villages – Adavi odu, Eika Ohizenyi, Ogaminana etc.
  • Omo Aro
    Abara – Adomu, Omonori, Obobayin
    Towns and Villages – Eika Ohizenyi Egayin, Kabba
  • Ede Clan (Ozi Ede)
    Abara – Uhami, Ohimonoko
    Towns & Villages – Okene, Egayin, Kuroko, Okaito, Agasa etc.
  • Iyewe
    Abara – Itodo
    Town & Villages – Eika Ohizenyin.
  • Adeika (Ozi Adeika).
    Abara – Ago, Oko, Oyiono, Okovi, Uhwene
    Towns & Villages – Nagazi, Osisi, Kuroko etc.
  • Ozi Obe
    Abara – Ozi Owuno

This is the part one of this series I will be coming up with more lists in the future but before then I will like you to drop what you think about this post and the top 3 comments win N500 worth of airtime or Data subscription equivalent. So just drop your comments below, and drop your phone number in the comment with your thought so that I can get back to you.

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Just in case you don’t want to drop your phone number for general public you can just send your name and email you commented with to me on Whatsapp +2347033004080 for verification and if you win I will send you your price.

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Top 20 Most Popular People in Ebiraland throughout History (2020 Edition)

Top 20 Most Popular People in Ebiraland throughout History 2020 Edition
  1. Late Alhaji Ibrahim Onoruoiza Atta (The first Paramount King in Ebiraland)
  2. Late Alhaji Sanni Omolori (Second Paramount King in Ebiraland)
  3. HRM Alhaji Addo Ibrahim (Ohinoyi of Ebiraland)
  4. Late Diyo Ozi Niger
  5. Late AT Ahmed
  6. Late Seidat Balikis Inyass
  7. Late Sheikh Muhammad Aminu
  8. Bar. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti
  9. Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello
  10. Sheikh Luqman
  11. Prince Ataba Omolori
  12. Salawu Ofelele
  13. Late Onyieche Idris
  14. Late Prince Adamu Atta (First Executive Governor of Kwara State)
  15. Obege
  16. Yusuf (Sementy)
  17. Sheikh Ahmad Rufai
  18. Edward Jatto (Jatto FM)
  19. Hon. Mario Calabash
  20. Ohunene

Do you have anyone in mind? add yours in the comment section below. thanks

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Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

And so many Ebira Men are online looking for wife materials on Facebook and twitter, though it doesn’t matter where you meet the partner of your dream, but at the same time it matters these days so many spoiled eggs has tarnished the image of good ones.
I will never advice any man to choose a wife on social networks, most especially on Facebook Groups.

Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

So let’s get down to the list of Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

1. Food Stuffs Shop or Market: You will likely see ladies who are well groomed in kitchen affairs in the food market especially in the section where great experience is needed in deciphering good food items from bad ones and off-course a lady who understands how to stock the kitchen will have a good idea of how to make good meals and the way to a man’s heart still remains through his stomach. #Believe

2. Islamia or Bible Studies: The truth is that any lady can go to church on Sundays or to Jumat service on Fridays but it takes a lady who is really close to GOD or have the love for GOD to go to Islamia every evening or to Bible Studies gathering during the week when she can as well be at home watching Zee World or Telemudo and a lady who loves GOD will surely love her family.

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3. Bore Holes and Water Points: You will agree with me that ladies that took it upon there self, to fetch water for the family needs is a typical Ebira Wife Material.

4. Her Mother or Family Shop: A lady that can be patient enough to wait in her Mums shop to sell and to grow the business will definitely know how to manage a husband and give advice when it comes to funds management in the family.

5. Her Own Working Place: Definitely ladies who have groomed themselves to be financially independent and busy doing one thing or the other rather than jumping from one place to another with different guys are likely suitable as wife materials.

6. Clothe Weaving Boot (Iruvo Oguntoro): Believe this brothers if a lady can help the mother patiently to weave clothe? Such woman can and will most likely be patient with her hubby through trying times lol!

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Conclusively: Again I will say; it doesn’t matter where you meet the lady of your dream what matters is the lady behaviour and most of the times seeking your mother’s or family member help to find the best woman for you in your neighbourhood, if you are finding it difficult to make out with women will be the best thing for you not to make mistake because marriage is not an easy thing..

Did you want to add to the list or just drop your own opinion please share below in the comment section and please share. Thanks. 

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Top 10 Ebira Celebrities That Made It Big in 2019.

Yunique Ozi Oris Car6

Are you looking for the richest Ebira Musicians or Celebrities in General? The list below will show you everything you need to know. 2019 is a year of breakthrough in Ebira Entertainment industry (for some Ebira Celebrities though).

Quick List of Ebira Celebrities That Made It in 2019.

  1. Yunique (Ozi Ori)
  2. Sharon Sonia
  3. Dan Ozizi
  4. Ajagu
  5. Hajj (Ciroma)
  6. Ayaz
  7. Calabash
  8. Sunshine
  9. Don Flash
  10. Onyieche Sister

Yunique (Ozi Ori) Net worth is NGN 6million naira

Yunique Ozi Ori is one of the newest millionaire in Ebiraland, the Agada Pim Pim crooner made it to limelight when he was endorsed by Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State with a Car worth 4 million naira and some cash since then Ebira Online Media in house source close to the musician has told us he sold the car to buy a more, way too lesser car to fit his lifestyle. Also the musician has since then been doing great for himself plus he has taken his time never to be broke again by investing the money in something better.

Sharon Sonia Net Worth is around NGN 5Million naira

Sharon Sonia is the number 1 Ebira Female artist that has been great and consistent in the industry plus one of those artists that own up to 2 cars, Sharon Sonia the Enyene Anebira crooner got her first car herself, the second was from Governor Yahaya Bello and his cabinet. We expect more greatness from Sharon Sonia in the future.

Hajj (Ciroma) Net Worth is 5Million naira

Hajj Ciroma can be considered the greatest investor of all the Ebira Artists, a source disclose to Ebira Online Media that the Ebira Vocalist has nothing less than 3 Taxi and a bus that work for him. Also own a private car that look exactly Yunique’s. The musician has interest in the growing transportation business

Ajagu net worth is 3Million naira

Ajagu is Comedian, Actor and a musician, the Ebira Richest comedian that was endorsed by Khalifa Okene was reportedly endorsed by Yahaya Bello and his cabinet with a car worth 4 million naira.

Dan Ozizi net worth is 5Million naira

Dan Ozizi has the most popular song in the history of Ebira Music. The Ometere crooner was reportedly okay before he got a car and cash endorsement from Governor Yahaya Bello and his cabinet in 2019.

Calabash (Mr Mario) is 10million naira

The number 1 Ebira Movie Maker and marketer will be considered the 2nd richest Ebira Celebrity in 2019 taking after Edward Jatto. Has up to 20Million naira when his worth got estimated.

Don Flash is 2Million naira

Don Flash also known as the Akatapa made it big from his Album in 2019 as his album was reportedly lunched with 2.7 million naira he joined the league of Richest Ebira Celebrities in 2019 with his album listening.

Sunshine net worth is around 15million naira

Sunshine Boys Entertainment owner is considered the 3rd richest Ebira Celebrity in 2019 as he is one of the most influential Ebira Celebrity also has the most sold album in the industry among Ebira folks in diaspora most especially in Lagos Nigeria. His estimated to be worth 15million naira.

Edward Jatto net worth is 22million naira

Edward Jatto the Owner and the proud owner of Jatto FM is considered the Richest Ebira Celebrity in 2019 who knows someone might break his record in 2020, he is estimated to be worth 22Million naira in asset.

Ayaz Zoza

Ayaz Zoza is that Onyiekehi pikin much about him is not known but got a Car endorsement from Yahaya Bello’s cabinet.

Onyieche Sister

Onyieche Idris Okumatete Immediate sister stepped into the limelight after releasing her album titled the return of Onyieche in 2019 which is considered the most sold and talked about in 2019. The Ebira late Onyieche’s sister has made a niche for she, in the industry also reportedly got a car endorsement from Bello’s Cabinet.

Top 10 Richest Ebira Celebrities in 2019.

  1. Edward Jatto (Jatto FM) – Musician
  2. Juwa Omadivi
  3. Sunshine – Musician
  4. Mr Mario Calabash – Producer
  5. Hajj (Ciroma) – Musician
  6. Sharon Sonia- Musician
  7. Yunique – Musician
  8. Dan Ozizi
  9. Don Flash
  10. Ajagu

Note that this post is just for people to know what’s really going on in Ebira Entertainment industry and to show to Ebira Folks in diaspora that Ebira Artists too are trying even though the market is not too strong based on our population.

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#EehiOsiya: Top 7 Events To Attend in Ebiraland This Festive Period, Their Venues and Date.

Ebira Carnival

It’s time to go home right? And you curious about which event you should spend money on this festive season? Well we are thinking the same thing. In this post I will show you Top 7 Events you should attend in Ebiraland this Festive period.
Remember I have written an article about top 5 things to do in Ebiraland this festive period when you visit check it out here.

Let’s take a glance look at the Events list.

  1. Ebira Online DIY Boot Camp.
  2. Ebira Carnival.
  3. Fearless JAMZ 4.
  4. Young Classic Show.
  5. House of OziAnty.
  6. FlexyTunes Music Unplugged.
  7. Wizvibes Music Festival.

The Ebira Online Do It Yourself Boot Camp.

We at Ebira Online Media in conjunction with Ebira Saka international has decided to share our personal skills with interested Youths in Kogi Central, we think instead of doing what others are already doing organizing tutorials, concerts and organising hangouts which all are about promoting entertainment in Ebiraland, it’s a great idea. Even though Decembers are supposed to be Holiday period for resting it is also a time to plan for what to come in January.
So this Boot Camp we are planning to host very often say every 6 months of a year which is twice in a year.
Venue and Date has not been decided yet.

Ebira Carnival

The Ebira Carnival Concert

Ebira Carnival has grown to that pic that it starts by 25th of December and ends in 31th of December the first 5 days is for picnic across all 5 local government of Kogi Central, this event main objective is to showcase and promote Ebira Culture and traditions to the world so far it is the biggest Event in Ebiraland so far, we can say it is Ebiraland own Owambe annual event. No wonder its number 2 on the list.
Date of Ebira Carnival is: 31st of December.
Venue of Ebira Carnival is: Karaworo Primary School Opposite Hotel Dabras


The Fearless JAMZ 4 Concert.

Fearless Jamz is an event organized by Victor Justified of Fearless Xound in Conjunction with Prince Bashiru Ataba of Bash Concept, I personally picked interest I this event as it’s the very first event in Ebiraland to stand out as the organizers targeting AY Live Show type of event in Ebiraland. Fearless Jamz 4 is the most packaged show so far featuring Music, Comedy, Dance and Many more…
Tickets Price Starting from 1k VIP, Table Diamond 25k, Diamond Table 41k.
Date: 27th of December
Venue: Afims Hotel Limited (Obehira Road, Okene Nigeria).


The Young Classic Show

Young Classic is group of young People with the same mind-set of making history, making Youths stand out in the society. This concert by Zamil is a must attend event as it is said to be the only show where everyone is the same nothing like regular, VIP or buying of Table.
Ticket Price: N 500.
Venue: Inike Town Hall, Okene Nigeria.
Date: 29th December.


The House of OziAnty Concert.

OziAnty: This Ebira Social Media Sensational Comedian (Ranter) started just a year ago and has made name for himself in the Entertainment industry as he is considered one of the best Ebira Comedian in 2019 and we expecting more from him in the future. The House of OziAnty is a concert you can’t afford to miss as it will feature Comedy, Music, Dance and lots of Entertainment.
Tickets Price:
Venue: The Hill Top Hotel, Okene Nigeria

The Flexytunes Music Unplugged (Ballers Night).

Flexytunes Music Unplugged is a yearly event organized by Ismaila Tijani popularly known as Baba T, are you looking for a show to ball spend money and treat your friends and partner well? Flexytunes Ballers Night is the best bet for you, featuring all the facet of entertainment.
Tickets Price: Regular 1k, Vip 3k Table for4 10k
Venue: Asimawu Investment, Check Point Okene Nigeria.


Wizvibes Music Festival

Whinny the Odoyewu crooner and the admin of is a Good Musician and a Blogger he is the organizer of Wizvibes Music Festival. The name of the event portray everything to expect in the show, Music, Comedy, and many more entertainment.
Ticket Pricing:
Venue: Inike Town Hall (Okene Nigeria)

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