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Okehi and Adavi The Story Behind Their Name in Ebiraland.

The Two Major Ebiraland Local Government and Reasons behind their Names: Okene and Adavi

Okene and Adavi is a town in Kogi State, Nigeria. The predominant people are the Ebira of Central Nigeria, the local language of Ebira.

Okene is one of the most beautiful place in the whole of West Africa with the most beautiful palace known as Azad ‘s palace, it belongs to the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Dr. Ado Ibrahim.

Adavi is also a local government area in Kogi State, adjoining Edo state in the south and the state capital Lokoja in the van north Okene and Adavi are the most popular local government of the Ebira with lots of ancestral history guiding them.

The two local government area consists of lots of abara (Family units) and Iresu (Clan). Such as Ozi Udu, Ozi Ede, Ozi Ogu and lots more.

Ebiraland History

Reason Behind Okene’s Name in Ebiraland

Okene was formally known as Okokoro Une (Area of Antelope).

Okene was bushy but was an open grassland like the Savannah region. There was this animal which was predominant in the area called Une(Antelope). In Okene, unlike other parts of Ebiraland, Hunting was the main occupation because of the texture of the land and also the fact that Une was mostly found there. Due to this fact the people around who lives here decided to name it Okokoro Une (Area or home of Antelope) and the name continued to stay like that for a long time till the coming of the British.

The name Okokoro Une was difficult for the British to pronounce and the only pronunciation that could come up with was Okene, so after than the name was generally accepted because it was more easier to pronounce. Therefore the name Okene was delivered from Okokoro Une (home of Antelope).

The Reason Behind Adavi’s Name.

FB IMG 1597344890697

Adavi also was a busy area, It was a forest with lots of big trees with no footpath. A man was wandering about looking for fertile land and came across the present location of Adavi.

The land was good for farming, hunting and building of houses. The man then went back to his village (Okene.. near Ajaokuta), to report to the king about his findings and to Grant him immunity to go and start living their with his family to enable Ebiraland grow more territory, which was granted to him. The man then moved their with his family and little by little the place started developing.

The man was then made the chief of that Area and was popularly known as Adai Avi (Father of Leaves).

It was then suggested that the place should be name after the founding father but he refused and ask that instead it should be named after his popular name rather than his real name which was Adai Avi and that was how The place was named Adavi.
The two has played an important role in the history of Ebiraland.

Please if you have any suggestions please drop it below, thanks.

Reference: Oral History

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Back then, Kogi Central Youths are seen as agent of destructions, thugs and also to gauge crisis.

In Ebiraland today, we have promising youths who are talented taking our dear home to a view of better image.

We can gladly be joyful as we have many in our midst young Educationists, Religious Teachers, Business Enthusiasts, Fashion Designers, Photographers, Tailors, Barbers, Actors/Actresses, Makeup Artistes, Carterers and Man more.

As the world celebrate the youth day, we can definitely also celebrate our youth who are putting the efforts to make our home a better picture to view.

Youth can be the leaders of tomorrow if we procrastinate. There are no power like the power of youth cos the power of youth don’t stop! If you must dream of the world you want to live in, dream out loud!

If the people at the top doesn’t celebrate you, some day they will celebrate you in a grand style.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Nothing is better than self encouragement.
Ehí Ovè Ehí

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Why A Strapped Baby Must Never Fall off Its Mother’s Back – Taboo in Ebiraland

If a strapped child fall from the mothers back!!! The child will have issues with opposite sex. And it’s a grave taboo in Ebiraland

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Open Letter to Ohinoyi: Using Other Tribes Chieftaincy Title is a Sign of Inferiority.

How The Yorubas Lost The Ilorin Throne To The Fulanis

This is an open letter directed to Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Taarus and all Ebira Chiefs, I will keep this article as simple as I can, so that people will not misquote or misunderstand the article and take it as something else, I don’t really care though, anyone has the liberty to think whatever they want.

Let’s take it back to when Prince Ataba was given ‘CIROMA’ chieftaincy title, ok? The first thought that came into many Anebiras mind was, the meaning of this title, everyone is calling CIROMA but we don’t really know the meaning. Till date I still don’t know the meaning because it’s a Hausa calling in Ebira Chieftaincy given to Anebira and not a Hausa person. How inferior can we again look in the face of Hausa people? It’s a very big and heavy blow to Ebira Culture and Tradition.

I had an encounter with an Association called Ebira Saka International (All Ebira People around the Globe). Instead of writing Saka as in ‘ALL’ in Ebira language, it was written in this manner “Sa’Ka”, when I asked why it is written this way, I was given an excuse that people will think it is Saka as in name of a person.

My question was, is Saka as a name of person an Ebira name? NO, it isn’t. Then why should we downgrade Ebira Language for another language because we are trying to prove a point to some people? How ridicule can Ebira Language be?
The fearful thing is, not people from other tribes that are dragging Ebira in the Mud, but we the real Anebiras. Tomorrow everyone will be shouting ‘Proudly Anebira, Anebira Oboro etc.’

We all claiming to be wise but it seems like we Anebiras are living in bondage, as we don’t know which culture and tradition is ours again. The things Ebira People has left in terms of culture and tradition is.

  1. Ita Inochi (It’inochi) ita Okueta to be precise
  2. Eche Ane (Ech’ane)
  3. Eche Ori (Ech’Ori)
  4. Ekuechi

When all this are to be used or celebrated people that will be on sit to grace the day are people with chieftaincy from Hausa Language? This is really bad for tribe like Ebira.

If we are to copy Hausa people in terms of Chieftaincy Titles, why can’t it be just the direct translation of the title instead? I’m sure everything in Hausa Language has its meaning in Ebira Language.
Your highness sir, permit me to ask a very simple question here please, I am not challenging your authority but to set the record straight as a good Ebira Man that wants the best for his Culture and Tradition, and as Anebira that hates to see Ebira Language go into exile.

Is Ciroma, Turaki, Talba, Dan’iya Ebira Chieftancy title or Hausa?

I urge you sir to re arrange the crowning of all the chiefs given these Hausa Chieftaincy titles and translate their titles into Ebira Language. For it is a sign of inferiority and kind of look like we are enslaved by Hausa people.

There is Ebira Adage that says “Ita Ozi Oweyi omage, Oozoku, Ama, Ire Oiye Ozi Oweyi Ozuge Oozoku” I am not worthy of given you an advice sir.

Tao Anidayi Anebira drop your comments below and share this post with friend’s thanks for reading.

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List of Clans in Ebiraland and the Towns & Villages They Dominate (Iresu Et’ebira) – Part 1.

List of Clans in Ebiraland
Enya Ohu Anebira

Welcome to another piece of article from me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza). In this article I will list out clans in Ebiraland with the towns and villages they pre dominate, though this article will feature the sub clans (Abara) under each clan before their various locations.

In the olden days it is said that people from the same clan can marry each other but once they are from the same sub clan that means they are strictly related, and so for that reason alone they are restricted from marrying each other. That is back in the days when the population is not much and when Islam has not dominated the land, Islam teaches us that even cousins can marry each other not to talk of sub clans (Abara).

List of Clans in Ebiraland with their Abara’s and the Towns & Villages they dominate in Ebiraland.

  • Idu Clan (Ozudu)
    Abara’s under Idu Clan – Aniku Bogiri, Ozi Eire.
    Towns and Villages – Adavi Odu, Kuroko, Inoziomi, Ihima, Okene, Evia Obehira, Okengwe, Ageva, Osara, Lokoja Barracks etc.
  • Ogu (Ozi Ogu)
    Abara’s under Ogu Clan – Okene, Egayin
    Towns and Villages – Okene, Ihima
  • Uka Clan (Ozuka) – Ajoko, Asema, Ootumi, Ezi Ehi, Ezi Ago.
    Towns & Villages – Ogaminana, Ihima
  • Ada Clan (Ozi Ada)
    Towns & Villages – Okene, Okengwe
  • Otu Clan (Ozi Otu)
    Towns & Villages – Nagazi ihima
  • Omoye Clan (Ozi Omoye) Okene
  • Opasi Clan (Ozi Opasi)
    Towns & Villages – Adavi odu, Eika Ohizenyi, Ogaminana etc.
  • Omo Aro
    Abara – Adomu, Omonori, Obobayin
    Towns and Villages – Eika Ohizenyi Egayin, Kabba
  • Ede Clan (Ozi Ede)
    Abara – Uhami, Ohimonoko
    Towns & Villages – Okene, Egayin, Kuroko, Okaito, Agasa etc.
  • Iyewe
    Abara – Itodo
    Town & Villages – Eika Ohizenyin.
  • Adeika (Ozi Adeika).
    Abara – Ago, Oko, Oyiono, Okovi, Uhwene
    Towns & Villages – Nagazi, Osisi, Kuroko etc.
  • Ozi Obe
    Abara – Ozi Owuno

This is the part one of this series I will be coming up with more lists in the future but before then I will like you to drop what you think about this post and the top 3 comments win N500 worth of airtime or Data subscription equivalent. So just drop your comments below, and drop your phone number in the comment with your thought so that I can get back to you.

Also Read: Ebira Culture – Things Women Must Not Do In Ebiraland (Taboos)

Just in case you don’t want to drop your phone number for general public you can just send your name and email you commented with to me on Whatsapp +2347033004080 for verification and if you win I will send you your price.

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My Sweet/Bitter Experience at the Okene General Hospital.

Believe! I’m not a fan of hospitals reason been that I have a personal doctor that treats me once I am not feeling myself. But this time I was in a situation where I’ve got no choice but to take my brother to the Hospital for full treatment of Typhoid because Private Hospitals in my Area are destiny killers, they charge bills like they are treating a dead body. So follow me as I unveiled my experiences at the general hospital Okene, Kogi Central of Nigeria.

Okene General Hospital photo
General Hospital Okene Entrance.

My Sweet Experience at the Okene General Hospital – Binoosmart

They have Qualified Doctors.

Yes you heard it right in my experience with the doctors, all of them knew what they were doing and they know the right questions to ask and the right time to ask them. The doctor that admitted my brother at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Ward specifically has the qualities I needed in doctors, he attended to us and never wasted time in helping us get everything needed and that is all about my sweet experience…

My Bitter Experiences at the General Hospital Okene

Scams Everywhere

So I was going to collect card as the first thing needed before you are attend to, so to get the card the staff gave me N 350 bill for the card and wrote N250 on the receipt, I questioned her about this but she picked offence and threatened to collect the card back and promised to denied my access to see the doctor. I thought about it and concluded that this is Nigeria where you don’t have customers is always right in Government and Public institutions, since my main goal is to get my brother treated I let it go, and gave up N 100 extra cost on the card bill.

Everyone Wants to Dodge Receipts.

When I was directed to buy all necessary items to get my brother admitted, I went to the pharmacy and I was given N 3,100 bill but the man wanted me to pay him directly without getting any receipt but I denied him that right, so he gave me a note to go pay at the revenue with N50 stamp duty I did so and I was given the receipt.
The second time I was directed to buy drugs from the pharmacy, I was given 4 drugs on the list to buy, they gave me 2 and told me to go outside to buy the remaining, Agreed, I asked them to give me receipt and boom the woman got provoked and started raining abusive words on me, she said I was proving to be wiser than everyone. They made me wait than usual, they were doing nothing but they told me to wait outside for them. Las Las they gave me a note to go pay at the revenue with lots of hissing.

Test Is More Expensive That Private Hospitals.

We directed by the doctor at the A&E ward to go for test at the lab, we got there we were given N 2,200 bill to get tested, this same test is N900 – N1000 in private Hospitals. I paid though, did I get the receipt for the test? Hell NO.

No Cleaners or Inadequate Cleaners (The Hospital is Short of Maintenance Staffs)

I spent 2 days and 2 nights at the A&E ward and I didn’t see any cleaner whatsoever, though I don’t know about other wards but at the A&E ward where my brother was? Was nothing to write home about, the only nurse there have to pick things up to throw in the trash.

The Ward Is A Mosquitoes Resident.

Hell Yeah! The Mosquitoes Reside here and they have to feed on the patients and the people guarding them. Well it’s their right since they were not kept out, so they need to be fed.

I currently have malaria at the cause of writing this article because of all the bites gotten from mosquitoes in two nights straight.

Conclusively: this article is not aimed at making anyone feel bad or to expose anyone but to make the general public be aware of what the General Hospital Okene is like I am a Humble Blogger and I love people but this topic I can’t just let it pass. Do you remember a song by Sunshine he said “When you receive Treatment for Malaria, you must get Additional three Additional Varieties of Fever back home”? It is all true.
I have so much experience but that will be for future articles. I will stop here for now…

Please drop your comments below and share this article with friends

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Cost of House Rents and Hotel Bookings in Ebiraland (Kogi State)

okene Market Ohu Variki Ebiraonline.com1

Are you planning on relocating, going for vacation or going to Ebiraland for one thing or the other, and you are curious about how much it really cost to book Hotels and Guest Houses or to rent an apartment? Whatever the case is, in this post I will try to break everything down for you. This post will be in Local Government by local Government but Hotels and Guest houses will be in one category.

This post is targeted at corpers, students, Anebiras in diaspora and business men

Cost of Booking Hotels and Guest Houses in Ebiraland.

An average hotel in Okene or any part of Ebiraland costs from N 6,000 – N 30,000 per night depending on the location and how luxurious the hotel is.

Cost of House Rents in Ebiraland

Okene Local Government Area

Okene is a land full of Ghettos but some areas like GRA and Governors Street are different and the cost of rents in Okene goes does

  • A Room cost an Average of N 1,500 – N 2,000 per month (N 24,000 per year).
  • A Room Self Contain cost an average of N 50,000 – N 70,000 per year.
  • Flats start from average of N 80,000 – N 100,000 per year

Adavi Local Government Area

Adavi local government has fewer ghettos compare to Okene LGA but has some too but locations like Inoziomi Layout, Nagazi Uvete, Zariagi has well-furnished and good structures

  • A Room cost an Average of N 1,500 – N 2,000 per month (N 24,000 per year).
  • A Room Self Contain cost an average of N 45,000 – N 60,000 per year.
  • Flats start from average of N 70,000 – N 100,000 per year

Okehi Local Government Area

Okehi in the other hand has more Ghettos more than any of the fore mentioned LGAs but has areas with good structures too

  • A Room cost an Average of N 1,500 – N 2,000 per month (N 24,000 per year).
  • A Room Self Contain cost an average of N 30,000 – N 50,000 per year.
  • Flats start from average of N 50,000 – N 100,000 per year

Are you in need of good and well maintained house in any part of Ebiraland (for Rent and for Sale)? We at Ebira Online Media are here to help you in acquiring your dream plots of lands and properties in any part of Ebiraland.
We can rent you apartments in Ebiraland and book Hotels in your name at a very affordable price. To contact us please use the below options.

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