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50 Ebira Words and Meaning (Ebira Dictionary) Vol.1

Ebira Dictionary And Ebira Words Traslated To English.

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Saudy: My Ebira Love At First Sight (Tale of A Cab Driver)

So will you like it if i narrate to you how i met a girl named Saudat Umar? Yes i posted out her full name because she vex meeeeeee! 😏

So! The first day i met Saudy (Saudat) was one sarturday morning at a friend’s Wedding, in Garki Abuja. Saw this pretty lady walking majestically with gorgeous look, i didn’t know when i sounded like davido (Chiiiiiiiiiiii! Osheeeey Baddest) i wanted to just stand up from where i was seated, walk up to her and just smell her perfume. She be like fine wine.

When the wedding was going to an end (because it was a christian wedding) the pastor said prayers for we the singles;

Pastor said before the end of 2020, we will meet our spouses.
Guess whose amen was the loudest? (Saudy) i was looking at her with corner eye.
The Pastor ended the prayer after so much anointing.

The wedding ended. I felt renewed as I stood outside the wedding hall, patiently waiting for this angel to walk by and shoot my shot. I spent almost 10 minutes waiting, this girl no come out oh. (Abi na she one go prepare the couple’s bed for the first night ni? 🙄)

A friend hurriedly rushed to me to tell me the angel i am waiting for at the exit is already at the road site waiting for taxi (my eyes turn red instantly) about three commercial buses passed by her but they all refused to let her in when she showed them a N1000 note which was the only denomination she had.

Fortunate enough for me we came to the event with a Cab, 😁😁 Are you Rinking what am Rinking? 😋

Finally, i appeared overtaking like to cabs, voooooom! With my empty cab. I agreed to give her a lift at no cost when she presented the N1000 note she had. She entered the cab and conversation started.

Me: How the wedding been dey?” I asked.
saudy: Fine.
Me: So wetin be your name?”

She: Sigh

She was thinking in her mind and i was hearing it loudly, (I’m like that so don’t judge me)

Saudy in Her Mind: Nothing I dread most than cab drivers and okada riders that find it difficult to just shut up and drive. But I will act polite to show my gratitude for his free ride. Good thing I will get rid of him fast as there is no traffic. I estimate a ten minutes drive at most.

“I’m Speedy.” She said.
That was the first name that came to her mind when she sighted an empty packet of speedy biscuit. You can’t blame her, to her i had no business knowing her real name.

Me: “Speedy? Which kind name be dat? Na AKA abi your real name?” I asked.
Saudy: Real name.
Me: You fine well well. I go like make we become friends.
She: Thanks.
After all my talking she didn’t say anything again (which kind girl be this one now?)

When we got to the nearest bus stop at her house, I gripped her palm and demanded for her phone number.

“But I don’t know you. I don’t give out my number like that to strangers” she said to me
“Na why I dey ask for your number so I go know you. I wan make we become close friends. You sef no even ask me my name.”
She pretended not to hear me.
As she made to alight from the vehicle, i pulled her back and angrily said, “Digestive abi wetin you call yourself wey my N150?”

Her surprise at the new turn of events had her speaking pidgin this time.
“Oga but you talk sey you go carry me for free.” .
“Oh, so you don enjoy my motor but to give me your number dey hard you.”
She took out the N1000 and flung it at me.
I ransacked my pockets for change. When I couldn’t come up with her balance, I went out of the car, looked around for what could benefit me i didn’t see anything so i bought N150 worth of shabba leather (Nylon) from a roadside hawker and shoved her balance into her palm.

“Yeye girl! You think say na only you sabi osho free. Fine you no even fine.” see her Nyash like Obangede road bumps.

Abeg na joke i dey oh….

Abeg make una help me wish the stubborn girl a sounding happy birthday, Inya!!! Happy birthday more of it in good health long life and prosperity…. Hooray!!!!!!!

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Name of Months and Days of the Week in Ebira Language

In this article you will learn the name of Months in Ebira Language, not only that oh you will also learn the days of the week all in Ebira Language and the direct meaning (what they stand for in English Language).

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Alphabets in Ebira Language (With Ebira Word Examples)

Alphabets in Ebira Language

A, B, CH, D, E, Ẹ, G, I, H, J, K, M, N, NGW, NYH, O, Ọ, P, R, S, Ṣ, T, U, V, W, Y, Z

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The Concept of “Avọ Ẹri” in Ebira Language

Ebira LAnguage, Ebira Proverb Ebiraland.

There is an Ebira Proverb in Ebira Language that Says “Avọ ri Esi’hu vancha Ni“, this simply means that giving thanks for yesterday’s favor, will open way for more favors in future, in the next paragraph i will tell you the simple meaning of this Ebira Idiom. So let’s break this Ebira Proverb Down.

Avọ ri Esi’hu vancha Ni

Ebira Proverb
Ebira LanguageEnglish Language
EsiWhat they use
EvanchaPlethoric (Too Much)
Ebira Language Translated to English Language

In the olden days when drinking is part of our culture (Eche Omo and Eche Ayi), people often go back to where they got free drinks yesterday, to say thank you for the favor so that they can drink again and in excess – that is why they say Avo Eri Esi hu Evancha ni.

You see! Ebira People (Anebira) are very unique and Ohomorihi (God) has blessed the race with lots of attributes, on of the attributes appreciation for past favors or help received from others (Avọ Ẹri).

Are we still appreciative to others as Anebiras?
Genuine expressive appreciative gestures from you to other people times over, speak volume of the kind of person you are and whether it is worth it to help you or to help you again!

Another Ebira Saying:

Ozi-Oweyi Oku Avo Eri Ver’osa Doni

When a child say thank you for past favor! he will surely get another .

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Ebira Story: Ozi Emasu

Ebira Story: Ozi Emasu
Ebira Story Ozi Emasu

When she was old enough to speak, “Onyi Ami ma nehi (Mummy I Want to go home” was her first sentence.
She was always falling sick. If it wasn’t Ovangoro (Fever) it’ll be Ineva (diarrhea). If it wasn’t an Ine (Stomach) it’ll be her Iresu (head). There was always something wrong with her and she was always saying “Onyi Ami Ma Nehi”.

It makes me sad all the time, why cant she make me happy for once, this is not what i wished for while i was pregnant! this is never what i signed on for with my creator! It scared me for a while why she would keep on repeating the something over and over again until I figured it out.

I used to work long hour and she goes to a private nursery school at Inoziomi, It breaks my heart to leave a sick child in the hand of strangers in the name of education, but what can i do? i must work to provide for us, I’m a single mother that can’t afford a house-help.

As i turned up at her school gate to pick her up, she’s bounding out with her little backpack strapped at her back, and she was shouting “Onyi Ami Ma Nehi (Mummy I want to go home), It was as if she has been waiting forever to get out of there.

she was six years old when she fell sick again and had to be admitted to General Hospital Okene. All the doctor tests proved inconclusive.

As I kept vigil at her bedside she would drift in and out of consciousness muttering “ mummy I want to go home”. With tears streaming down my face I would re-assure her that as soon as she was well enough I would take her home.
One night I woke to her gasping for air. As I cradled her in my arms I summoned the duty nurse who came running. She took one look at her and dashed off to find a doctor.

When the doctor came he did all the usual checks: took her pulse, listened to her heart beat and flicked open her eyelids.

By the time he got up from the side of her bed the look on his face said it all.
He pulled me away, to the ward’s side office, and gave me the news I was dreading.
She was sinking fast and there was nothing he could do. Hopelessness was written all over him.

How long has she got, I asked.
He shrugged his shoulders: he didn’t know.
It was too late to call anybody so I rushed back to her side with the doctor in tow.

Her breathing was becoming shallower and laborious and all the equipment she was hooked up to were beeping away in a language of their own. With tears streaming down my face in torrents I turned to the doctor for an interpretation.

He didn’t say anything. He shook his head slowly, put his hand on my shoulder, as if to re-assure me, smiled weakly and walked away.
She looked so peaceful and serene as she lay there: you wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her.

She must have heard me sobbing for she opened her eyes and what could be described as a smile crossed her face.
“ Onyiami…”, she began, struggling to get each word out,”…Mesuhu Anehi” (I am on my way home…

She closed her eyes and was gone.

No parent deserve the death of their child, May God be with everyone that has lost someone…

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7 Ebira Proverbs, Translation And Meaning in English Language

Ebira Proverbs, Translation And Meaning

Below are lists of Ebira Proverbs With The Translation and Meaning in English Language


  1. PROVERB: Wajhochi tiza, Anayirema Ogodohuni.
    TRANSLATION: if you placed a stick on a shoulder, the rest backward is always longer.
    MEANING: whatever you are doing today, always remember tomorrow.
  2. PROVERB: Epe’emaghodo hwuoza’enechire.
    TRANSLATION: An okro stick cannot be taller than the person who plant it.
    MEANING: No matter how much strong you can be, rich, connected,
    literate or perfect in everything, remember all those have source before you get there (often used for the disobedient ones).
  3. PROVERB: Aje’emapita zwhonyahwe.
    TRANSLATION: An egg can not tell the hen a story.
    MEANING: no matter how much you knows, calm down and learn to hear from elders and for them have see what you do not (commonly used for the desperate & curious ones).
  4. PROVERB: Azyineva emanini’uruku najhwo chianarara.
    TRANSLATION: two people cannot went to the forest and back home with bent sticks.MEANING: two wrongs can not make right.
  5. PROVERB: Watanigege hyorza, anavakauve kavewhuyo.
    TRANSLATION: if you pointed finger at some one, the other fingers towards you are more.MEANING: it indicates to learn how to do good & avoid suspicious because in everything, there is repercussions (frequently use d for those who mischief or been suspicious).
  6. PROVERB: wekwete’eruruvoza, ozairemawhu erawu.
    TRANSLATION: if you bent down watching someone bottom at the front, someone too at your back is watching yours.MEANING: if your assignment is always to get someone down or curious to knows their secrets and weak points just to get the result of their down fall, someone is doing you the same! It is reciprocal…
  7. PROVERB: Azyineva emanini’uruku najhwo chi
    TRANSLATION: two people cannot went
    to the forest and back home with bended sticks.MEANING: two wrongs can not make right.


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Written by: Amoto Ozioma Juliet.

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Why A Strapped Baby Must Never Fall off Its Mother’s Back – Taboo in Ebiraland

If a strapped child fall from the mothers back!!! The child will have issues with opposite sex. And it’s a grave taboo in Ebiraland

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Ebira Foods: 10 Ebira Foods and Their Ingredients

Ebira Foods are foods eaten by the Ebira People of Nigeria (Anebira) popularly eaten in Kogi State in Okene to be precise.

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Sexuality, Family Values, and Gender Roles Among Ebira People.

Sexuality among Anebiras determines to a large extent the kind of roles that men or women play at home, social gatherings, choice of vocation until recently when barriers seem to be giving way to equality in every aspect of life.

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