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List of Clans in Ebiraland and the Towns & Villages They Dominate (Iresu Et’ebira) – Part 1.

List of Clans in Ebiraland
Enya Ohu Anebira

Welcome to another piece of article from me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza). In this article I will list out clans in Ebiraland with the towns and villages they pre dominate, though this article will feature the sub clans (Abara) under each clan before their various locations.

In the olden days it is said that people from the same clan can marry each other but once they are from the same sub clan that means they are strictly related, and so for that reason alone they are restricted from marrying each other. That is back in the days when the population is not much and when Islam has not dominated the land, Islam teaches us that even cousins can marry each other not to talk of sub clans (Abara).

List of Clans in Ebiraland with their Abara’s and the Towns & Villages they dominate in Ebiraland.

  • Idu Clan (Ozudu)
    Abara’s under Idu Clan – Aniku Bogiri, Ozi Eire.
    Towns and Villages – Adavi Odu, Kuroko, Inoziomi, Ihima, Okene, Evia Obehira, Okengwe, Ageva, Osara, Lokoja Barracks etc.
  • Ogu (Ozi Ogu)
    Abara’s under Ogu Clan – Okene, Egayin
    Towns and Villages – Okene, Ihima
  • Uka Clan (Ozuka) – Ajoko, Asema, Ootumi, Ezi Ehi, Ezi Ago.
    Towns & Villages – Ogaminana, Ihima
  • Ada Clan (Ozi Ada)
    Towns & Villages – Okene, Okengwe
  • Otu Clan (Ozi Otu)
    Towns & Villages – Nagazi ihima
  • Omoye Clan (Ozi Omoye) Okene
  • Opasi Clan (Ozi Opasi)
    Towns & Villages – Adavi odu, Eika Ohizenyi, Ogaminana etc.
  • Omo Aro
    Abara – Adomu, Omonori, Obobayin
    Towns and Villages – Eika Ohizenyi Egayin, Kabba
  • Ede Clan (Ozi Ede)
    Abara – Uhami, Ohimonoko
    Towns & Villages – Okene, Egayin, Kuroko, Okaito, Agasa etc.
  • Iyewe
    Abara – Itodo
    Town & Villages – Eika Ohizenyin.
  • Adeika (Ozi Adeika).
    Abara – Ago, Oko, Oyiono, Okovi, Uhwene
    Towns & Villages – Nagazi, Osisi, Kuroko etc.
  • Ozi Obe
    Abara – Ozi Owuno

This is the part one of this series I will be coming up with more lists in the future but before then I will like you to drop what you think about this post and the top 3 comments win N500 worth of airtime or Data subscription equivalent. So just drop your comments below, and drop your phone number in the comment with your thought so that I can get back to you.

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Just in case you don’t want to drop your phone number for general public you can just send your name and email you commented with to me on Whatsapp +2347033004080 for verification and if you win I will send you your price.

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  1. You are indeed, an enigma and your research is putting our unique tribe on the world map. Keep promoting our unique culture and traditions and I can bet, the best is yet to come. I am proud of you as most of the clans you have mentioned, i must confess, their roots and places you can find them are not known to me before now. Akooro.

  2. Dear Binuyaminu,
    Refer to your expositions on the Ebira clans, sub clans and town/villages dominated.
    2. U did not mention the subclans under the Udu Eyire and Udu Ozi Ezu accordingly. For the purpose of record and posterity, Idu ozi Ezu have the followings
    4.Ehemi( Ajoo)
    And in the Iyewe clan of Eika Ohizenyi, they have;
    1. Etodo
    The Apasi Ohiaga of Eika ohizenyi have the following subclans
    1. Ivere
    2. Eko

    1. Thank you for this post. At least people like us that haven’t been privileged to go to our home town will now about their clan. It’s a very good one. Please keep it up sir.

  3. U really try, but beware datt OZI OGU clan originated is from Okengwe Ehi. Okene is from Okengwe Ehi, thanks very much.

  4. Great Job Bro, a good place to learn indeed. You omitted Ozi Onoko clan in mostly Eganyi also in Eika
    I love what you are doing, and I have copied your number and I have sent you message, I will like to be getting some of your articles to be published in our upcoming magazine. Lets work together bro.

    Keep moving…greater days ahead.

  5. U try for even bringing this to our notice but think it remains somewhere those clan u did not mention their sub clan and also were they originated from like for example no clan is from okene if u hear history and also for example omoye have sub clan so as other clans but it was ommited

  6. Nice one I must comment…. Thanks so much for your article has really enlighten me on the clans and their origination in Ebira….. Keep up the good work bro the sky shall certainly be your starting point… Bravo

  7. Nice one Bro. But the clan may be the same in name but can not be the same in subclan e.g ozi uka in ihima has omoko and ayisana as subclan, while ozi otu in ihima also has Ata and Ava as subclan.

  8. You have tried but I think you need to do a whole of research next time so that you won’t feed the coming children with scrabs.
    We have Ezi Agada in okene a brother to Ezi Okovi
    Adayi Agada has five sons
    Ezi Obe foundly known as Ezi Akuta
    Ezi Osusu
    (Research for subclan)
    Ezi Avi
    Ezi Ede Ezi ohimoroko
    Research for subclan
    Ezi Ogu
    Subclans include Okara and others
    Predominately in okengwe,okene ,ihima ,Adavi and Ajaokuta.

  9. Great work… But i think u should know dat some of this clan are actually related… For instance ozi ogu and ozi omoye are said to be related as they were fathered by one man… I think ur next research should be more wholistic, that our people will know that we are all one and no need for the hating.

  10. Very poor research, pls try to be accurate in a vital subject like this as most of your sub-clan is incorrect, incomplete and even the place they’re based.

  11. For me you have really tryed …as I have read all the is time to fix things as its globally viewed…either mistake or omissions I am still impressed on your wisdom too. May Allah make it easier for you n your team. I am in kano as if I am at home . Good work please .

  12. I must commend you for good starting. A lot need to be done. The history of Ebiraland have been suffocated and strangulated with lies, lies, and lies.

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